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July 21, 2017

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Women On The Edge: Laura, Ava, and Sam!


Friday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital had some intriguing dark undertones to it, as three central women characters each were pushed to their brink in different situations, but yet all inter-connected.

First, once again, Maura West illustrated why she is in a league of her own as Ava tries to dull her physical and emotional pain of being home from the hospital with severe burns to her face.  Ava drinks vodka and then orders a whole case, as she tries to come to terms with her fate and putting on her burn mask.

Elsewhere, Nina (Michelle Stafford) get the big bucks to get Valentin’s (James Patrick Stuart) bail posted to get him out of jail as the suspect being behind Spencer Cassadine’s (Nicolas Bechtel) kidnapping.  After she is able to have him set free, Nina still refuses to go back with him, but you can still see she is carrying quite the torch for him.   They are interuppted by a desperate Laura (Genie Frncia) who is losing her grip, searching for Spencer, and even more after she learns Valentin has gone free.


Laura screams at Valentin for killing her son, Nikolas and now going after her grandson.  Laura storms out after Valentin as he leaves the PCPD, while Nina gets an earful from her brother Nathan (Ryan Paevey), in a tender scene telling his sis that he won’t support, or stand by her if she chooses to let Valentin back in her life.

On the docks, Laura finds Valentin and promises to get Spencer to drop the lawsuit and leave Port Charles if he’ll just give him back to her.  Valentin tells Laura he did not abduct Spencer. Laura doesn’t believe him, and rails that he is the worst Cassadine of all, because he doesn’t care about anyone and is smarter than the rest of the evil clan.  When Valentin tries to walk away, Laura grabs a board from the dock and knocks him out,  but not quite hard enough, because he fires back he will see her in jail for that manuever.  Enter Jason (Billy Miller) who puts Valentin in a choke hold and saves the day.  Jason tells Laura he is going to help fins Spencer and for her to stay away, because she isn’t any good to anyone behind bars, especially Spencer. Read more >

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