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June 23, 2017

THE BOLD AND THE BEAUTIFUL: Sheila Carter Is On The Hunt For Damaging Info On Quinn!


How fun it is to watch Kimberlin Brown in action as Sheila Carter on The Bold and the Beautiful?  It seems Sheila was up to her old ways on Friday’s episode of the CBS sudser.

First, after saying she is leaving L.A. to Eric (John McCook), she clearly is still hanging out in Beverly Hills where she bumps into former nemesis, Brooke Logan Spencer (Katherine Kelly Lang)! After her apology for all the trouble she caused Brooke in the past (that’s putting it mildly), Brooke is not truly buying into it, but ever snoopy Sheila notices Brooke’s reaction at the mention of Quinn (Rena Sofer) as Eric’s wife.

Looks like Sheila may have hit the jackpot, as once Brooke leaves, Sheila decides to hang out at the bar and have a martini, while there she overhears Pam (Alley Mills) and Charlie  (Dick Christie) getting into a heated discussion over Quinn and Ridge (Thorsten Kaye), and Eric.

After Pam leaves, Sheila slithers her way to Charlie’s table introduces herself as a past friend of Eric and the Forresters.  Charlie is not buying it at first when Sheila does not know who exactly Pam was before she stormed out.

Later, the camera shot makes us look at evil Sheila where she tries to drag out of Charlie just why Quinn is a bad wife for Eric? Will she find out in record-breaking time about Quinn and Ridge’s attraction to each other?

Watch Sheila question Charlie after the jump.  Then check out the promo for next week’s The Bold and the Beautiful, and weigh-in; are you enjoying having Kimberlin back in action on B&B thus far? Comment below! Read more >

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