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May 23, 2017

Robert Palmer Watkins & Risa Dorken Preview The GH Nurses’ Ball 2017: Watch The Interview!


Those those red carpet arrivals, those touching and funny musical performances, those umbrella drama storylines – all are signatures of General Hospital’s annual Nurses’ Ball episodes, and those wardrobe malfunctions of Lucy Coe (Lynn Herring).

Each year, GH takes a break from the usual storytelling by bringing all elements together into the ‘ball’.  What is on the docket this year? Well, we know their will be songs originally performed and written by the late David Bowie and George Michael, and one by Billy Joel.  We know Kimberly McCullough will be in the house as Robin (the ball started because of Robin’s storyline with Stone when he died of AIDS and then she contracted HIV), and we know Michelle Stafford and Extra’s Mario Lopez will be on the red carpet as Nina Clay Cassadine, and Lopez as “himself”.

To get even more insight into what may go down as the episodes begin to unravel today, On-Air On-Soaps Michael Fairman caught up very early in the morning with two of the singing sensations who will be performing in musical numbers in the ball: Robert Palmer Watkins (Dillon) and Risa Dorken (Amy) during a satellite media tour promoting the annual GH on-air event.

While the duo could not spoil too much for the audience, they did give us some intel on what to watch for and more!

Now after the jump, check out our GH Nurses’ Ball preview interview with the two of the brightest stars on the soaps these days… Robert and Risa.  Then let us know what you are looking forward to this week on GH, and if you are excited to see Robert and Risa’s musical numbers in the comment section below! Read more >

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