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October 16, 2017

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Brady Lays The Smackdown On Nicole, And Sami Returns As The Hunt For Will Begins!


As a new week begins to unfold on NBC’s Days of our Lives, last week’s Friday cliffhanger delivered some major drama that will continue to play out including the upcoming final episodes of Arianne Zucker as Nicole.

As the set up for her exit begins, in key scenes, Brady (Eric Martsolf) turns the tables on Nicole after she has admitted her love for Eric, and that she is leaving Brady to be with him. At the Kiriakis mansion, while Brady seemingly tells Nicole to go be with Eric, there is a twist that Nicole never saw coming.  He wants her to break Eric’s heart out like she did his.  Brady goes on to say that if she doesn’t dump is brother, and leave town for good, he is going to send Nicole to prison for the murder of Deimos Kiriakis.  At first, Nicole thinks he is bluffing, but when Brady provides her taped confession, it’s game over for Nicole.

Next, Nicole calls this unfair.  Brady reminds her he all he has done for her, even almost dying for her so Nicole could be with Holly, who he now views like his own daughter now.  An emotional Brady doesn’t know how to explain this to his son, Tate who is now old enough to understand things.  A shocked Nicole says to Brady. “Who are you?”  As the vengeful new side of Brady emerges he relates:”Theresa, Kristen and every other whore” turned him into this.

Kudos to Eric Martsolf for his performance as is Brady finally pushed too far that he is now going to make others as miserable as he has been chronically made to feel throughout his relationships when he lays his heart on the line.  Will Brady continue to go down this dark path? Read more >

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