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May 24, 2016

DAYS OF OUR LIVES: Melissa Reeves Shines In Jennifer-Centric Episode On Addiction!


Days of our Lives veteran and enduring cast member, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) may have just locked up her second Daytime Emmy nomination for a performance that aired today on NBC’s Days of our Lives.

This May Sweeps has been filled with a few other character-centric episodes from GH’s Jason to DAYS Aiden, and now you can add Tuesday’s episode of DAYS to that mix as well.  In it, Jennifer fights her urge to take painkillers, but all the signs are right in front of her that she has indeed become a pill-popping addict.  It is clearly something the once high and mighty Jennifer is not proud of at all, or equipped to handle on her own.

In the episode, Jennifer cries out for help to Lucas (Bryan Dattilo), who shows up at the Horton home to stay with her as long as it takes to help get her through this bumpy night.  Being an addict himself, he understands what Jennifer is going through.  When Lucas arrives he notices the Horton living room completely trashed, and as was revealed in a flashback, Jennifer went off the deep end while looking for her stash.  She flashes to ripping apart the living room and pulling her hair out.  Jennifer tells Lucas that she threw the pills down the toilet, but says she’s still in pain and wonders if she just needs to be better at controlling how much medication she takes.

Lucas says they can attend an AA meeting with Maggie (Suzanne Rogers) at 6AM, and they only need to make it for another four hours.  Jenn falls asleep on the couch where she then has nightmares.  First, she is woken up by Abigail (Kate Mansi), who is furious at her mother that her baby son Thomas was found wandering in the driveway when she was supposed to be watching him.  Next, Jenn plays a scenario in her head where she visits JJ (Casey Moss) in jail where he has been locked-up for drug use.  When a bottle of pills sits on the table in front of them, JJ wants his mom to share some with him, but when a guard grabs her, JJ is suddenly gone.  Now it’s Jennifer’s beloved late husband, Jack (Matthew Ashford) who is revealed to be before her as the prison guard! Read more >

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