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5 December 28th, 2009 On-Air On-Soaps names Best Soap Moments of 2009!



As we head towards New Year’s, On-Air On-Soaps looks back at the tumultous year in soaps, and names those moments that stand out among the soap opera pack.  With mutliple choices from several soap operas, including many from Guiding Light’s final season, the year end salute pays tribute to the those stand-out performances, and moments that made us cheer, weep,  or even throw things at the TV!

You can view our Top 20 countdown photo gallery below,  and see if your tops and favorites made our cut.  If not, let us know who you feel you would have placed in the top spots.  To view the final five in the photo gallery, make sure to click on the “Next” button, + symbol, which is next to the last image in the row of the  first 15 photos!  Enjoy!

Photo Images: JPI and ABC

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  1. Doe says:

    Well, I can’t agree with all your picks, Michael. But, i commend you for some of them. I think the scene with Fish finally telling Kyle that he loved him in front of the town gathering was very emotional and satisfying for fans. It was done very well. So, that is one of my picks for best moment.


  2. Mary says:

    I don’t agree with anything Jason and Sam- I liked the scenes with Jason and Liz at the carnival


  3. Lindsey says:

    No Jonathan Jackson?? =O


  4. Lindsay Geibig says:

    I agree with your picks. Anything with David from One life to live is great. I also love Kyle and Fish, and I hope they keep Stacey’s baby when it’s born. I just wish you would have put a pic up of Franco’s art show. I thought it was a great moment from last year.


  5. Bonnie says:

    oh my Reva’s dress and hair are scary in that pic, but the funniest moment on B&B was when the minister pronounced Ridge and HORSE married. KKL’s comedic timing after her wild ride through hill and dale was spot on!


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