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2 February 14th, 2010 GH’s Hennesy teases, “All Female Lawyers” for Sonny’s Trial!

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General Hospital’s Carolyn Hennesy, and co-host of the premiere episode of the On-Air On-Soaps Podcast revealed during the news and views segment, that the upcoming trial of Sonny Corinthos will involve all female lawyers!  Well, we know that primetime star, Dahlia Salem is making her way to GH as Federal Prosecutor Claire Walsh, but Hennesy teases that, “The fur is going to fly.”  Could it be that Alexis and Diane might actually team up to help Sonny?  What other female legal eagles could pop out of the Port Charles woodwork?  Hmmm.

For more with Carolyn, make sure to listen to the rest of the On-Air On-Soaps Podcast with Michael Fairman and our other fabulous co-host, MVP’s, Dillon Casey. During the podcast, Carolyn and Dillon, (Our dynamic Podcast Theatre duo) perform a scene from GH that was written but never shot, between Diane and James Franco’s, “Franco”. In our online version of the scene, Dillon (who hails from Toronto) portrays the Canadian version of  “Franco” and Hennesy plays Diane.  Eh?

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  1. Rose says:

    I like your role on GH! Don’t change it.


  2. Rose says:

    I have always been interested in mob action…trying to get in there head…and seeing how they look at things. I know they can be cold in some things …and loving in others. I think it’s very positve that you play these roles. There are some mob still out there and run this country everday.


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