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0 February 8th, 2010 All Saints Day – Super Bowl Sunday with the Soap Stars!

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

I am not one to show up at a Super Bowl party filled with so much noise that you can’t concentrate on the game at hand. (Another reason, I often like to watch The Oscars with a handful of people or view it solo) However, when I was invited by The Bold and the Beautiful’s Winsor Harmon to his All Saints Super Bowl Extravaganza, it was an invitation I could not pass up. Why, you ask?  Not because of what you may think. Yes, I found it intriguing to hang out with some of my favorites in the soap world off the clock, but because I have and will always be a huge New Orleans Saints football fan. And since most of my friends don’t care about my love for the Saints, I thought I should try and watch the game with a group of people who would be rooting for my peeps!  And, oh boy were they.  

Winsor greeted me and his other guests at his home with full Saints regalia.  As many know Winsor, and Y&R’s Christian LeBlanc (who was in attendance) are from the Big Easy. So for them and so many others who have waited 44 years for this team to win the big game , it would be a meaningful moment. When you consider what the city of New Orleans had gone through just four years ago, this meant so much to so many.  Other notable soapers in attendance: the beautiful Lesli Kay of ATWT and B&B and her husband, Keith Coulouris, B&B’s Brandon Beemer and gal pal, DAYS, Nadia Bjorlin, B&B’s Heather Tom and her man, James. And more B&B favorites: Don Diamont, John McCook, a very pregnant, Jennifer Gareis, Zack Conroy, Paolo Benedeti, and former Y&R star, David Fralick (Ex-Larry Wharton).

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

Now while everyone in attendance was rooting for the Saints, there was that one “heel” in the room… well, make that two!  As I sat down to watch the game, I noticed on the couch was former Falcon Crest and B&B star, Lorenzo Lamas, who throughout the game was rooting for Indianapolis and Peyton Manning!  And then, in walked his son AJ, wearing a Colts jersey. Oh, it made the whole scenario even more entertaining!  I leaned over to ask Lorenzo, “Are you truly a Colts fan or do you enjoy playing the bad boy?” Lamas responded, “Someone has got to show them some love, and I think Manning is the greatest.”

Christian LeBlanc, whose many family and friends were in New Orleans watching the game said Bourbon Street during the game was a ghost town. LeBlanc informed me he was heading down to the Big Easy the first weekend of March for his big art show at the Jean Bragg Gallery titled, The Secret Life of Y&R Star Christian LeBlanc. And as the two of us caught up on our lives, Kim Zimmer phoned LeBlanc from another Super Bowl party where she was rooting for the Colts!  Inside after half time, the Saints kicked an on-sides kick and recovered it which set the tone for the rest of the game and the Saints comeback in the second half.  Once inside after the beginning of the third quarter, the other soap stars and I who love Winsor and the Saints, screamed till we could not speak as the Saints won it all!  

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

New Orleans Saints Quarterback Drew Brees, (one of the top reasons I am and will forever be a Saints fan) won the MVP and deservedly so.  And I don’t think I will ever forget his one year old son, Baylen in his arms, with headphones blocking out the noise, and an emotional Brees sharing this once in a lifetime moment with his little one.  It was riveting moment that brought many of us in the room to tears, even more so than some soap scenes of recent memory! Drew Brees is the man!

As the celebration continued inside the Harmon house, Winsor danced on the table, threw Mardi Gras beads out to all his guests (see image of me in Italy Shirt as Winsor shouts from the rooftops below) and then the piece’ de resistance… he jumped into his pool in pretty cold weather for Southern California.  When all was said in done, this was one of those times where I can honestly say, “That was so much fun.”  Congratulations Saints…you ain’t “The Aint’s” no longer.

Photo Credit: JPI Studios

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