Soap Nation Live! with Michael Fairman

19 February 12th, 2010

What do…

…soap expert Michael Fairman, Cougar Town’s and General Hospital’s Carolyn Hennesy, and star of SOAPnet’s MVP and now guest-starring in The Vampire Diaries, actor Dillon Casey have in common? Maybe nothing or maybe everything! Find out with these three co-host the brand new On-Air On-Soaps Podcast.

Soap celebrity surprise guests, exclusive interviews, hot topics, the top buzz of the week, your calls, questions and commentary, on the latest storylines and what matters to you most…as we go 360 degrees inside and outside The Wide World of Soaps!


On-Air On-Soaps Podcast Episode #1

Welcome to the special hour long premiere edition of the On-Air On-Soap Podcast.  Hosted by Michael Fairman and his co-hosts, General Hospital and Cougar Town’s, Carolyn Hennesy and SOAPnet star, Dillon Casey of MVP and Being Erica fame. The threesome welcome this week’s special guests, All My Children’s, Jacob Young, The Young and the Restless, Joshua Morrow, and Deep Soap’s, Sara Bibel for some entertaining and revealing interviews. Plus, our hosts discuss: soap’s hot topics and news, take your calls, perform a never before seen soap scene, play in our new game show segment, and much more.  It’s all in a jam- packed unique hour of fun, as we launch our new bi-monthly soap podcast.

On-Air On-Soaps Podcast Episode #1 features the following segments:

  • News & Views – AMC new head writing team, GH’s new Federal Prosecutor Dahlia Salem, The truth behind James Franco’s GH life, When Politics meets Soap: Mayor of Los Angeles Villaraigosa visits Erica Kane and Pine Valley on February 17th, and GH’s Nancy Lee Grahn’s decision to pull out of Daytime Emmy competition are discussed and highlighted.
  • Jacob Young Interview – Our podcast call-in guest, Pine Valley favorite Jacob Young, details the upcoming debut of Soap Fan Mystery Theatre, AMC’s move west, and preview’s what next for JR Chandler.
  • Power Performances of the Week – GH’s Jonathan Jackson as Lucky tops our list, and you will know and hear why!
  • Stump the Soapers - Can Dillon trip up Carolyn and Michael with fake or real catastrophic soap events?  Play along with us.
  • Joshua Morrow Interview – Michael sits down with Y&R’s Nick Newman to discuss The Adam/Nick feud, “Phick” Vs “Shick”, Eric Braeden’s return, and much more.
  • Taking your calls – What’s on soap fans minds? Today it’s, will GH ever get back to stories not involving mobsters? And on DAYS, who is Melanie’s baby daddy?
  • Podcast Theatre – Exclusive Scene from GH between Diane and “Franco” that was never shot!  Played by co-hosts, Carolyn Hennesy and Dillon Casey, in a very unique way!
  • Sara Bibel Interview – Michael chats with Fancast’s, Deep Soap columnist, Sara Bibel directly following the duos night at the All My Children Paley Center Media event in Los Angeles.  Get a full first hand report.
  • Soap Thought of the Day – Carolyn offers up the subject of Sonny Corinthos’s spawn and that the mob guy is a potent Babymaker!

SPECIAL OFFER: On-Air On-Soaps Podcast listeners and site readers here is your chance to get a 40% discount : $30.00 ticket and free parking, for Jacob Young’s Soap Star Mystery Theatre performances in LA, on Saturday night, Feb 20 and 21. Just type in coupon “TMCHRISTIE” when buying through There are also $150 VIP tickets available which is shaping up to be a really intimate meet and greet and photo with the stars. Here is your chance to rub elbows with some of your favorites from Pine Valley, Daytime, and Hollywood!  And, we will be there, too.

If you have a question on the soaps that you want answered, call our On-Air On-Soaps Podcast caller line at 1-213-973-SOAP.

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  1. yvette says:

    I liked


  2. Knox says:

    Just listened to the podcast and all I can say is could Josh Morrow have come across as anymore pro phick? The man should take a page out of some of the great leading men of daytime who have more than one leading lady but never let on to who they prefer to work with or what pairing they are leaning towards. He practically swam in his love of phick and all things Michelle Stafford. Forget shall we shick fans, that he has built the majority of his career opposite Sharon Case and received many accolades and nominations in that pairing? It’s obvious that is what he’d like fans to do, and for us to throw our long suffering stalwart support behind him in this ‘story of his career’. Here’s a tip for you Josh, if this is the story of your career, then your career is not long for the soap world nor will any of us take you seriously. You are dumber than a box of rocks and you really haven’t been acting all these years, you and NIck Newman are one and the same.


    Elanc56 replied

    Awesome post, Knox! Joshua Morrow is as lost as the character he plays. He simply doesn’t realize how amazing he was WITH SHARON! And how pathetic he is with Phyllis. The ONLY time I learned that there was such an item as a Phick fan was when I started posting on THIS message board. In the real world, I honestly have NEVER met a Phick fan. This is not to say they don’t exist. I’ve just never met one…and…er…um…I meet a lot of people. LOL.


    TEXAS woman replied

    ahhhhh you have been posting and bashing PHICK fans for a couple of years now on the CBS MB!! touting your teaching and award winning writing abilities!!

    JM did a great job ANSWERING the questions posed to him!! I am sure IF MF had wanted to talk to him about SC he would have asked him about his FORMER on screen partner! But right now JM is paired with the one and only Michelle Stafford!! one of the best in the buiness!! and it appears that JM is very happy with his character’s pairing with one of the most recognized characters on daytime time, Phyllis Newman!!

    thanks to you Michael and your “crew” for keeping it real!

    dianlsalley replied

    Hey texas, yes she has been a phick basher and is always quick to give us her glowing reports on her thoughts and ideas. Seems as if some shickies got their feelings hurt because of what josh said about them but they always seem to turn it around on either (phyllis) or her fans instead of the person who actually said those things in that interview. Josh knows that his pairing up with phyllis has made him a better actor than what he could have ever been with sharon. Nick was boring with sharon! I am a phyllis fan not a phick! Josh answered the questions in this interview honestly and it has made some shicks sad! Elanc you have met many phyllis fans but you are so busy trashing them with your wisdom that it has overshadowed your vision into seeing the truth right there in front of you! Unlike shick fans, the phyllis fans like phyllis and whomever she is with at that moment…when nick treats her wrong then of course us phyllis fans will not like the pairing of phick. Sharon fans are all die hard shicks who could care less that nick treated sharon badly and still want them to pair up together only to get back at phyllis for stealing nick away…I always say that if it was yours to begin with, it would never have left you! enought said!

    lady replied

    knox, you’re a box of rocks. :( rude


  3. Delta24d says:

    Congratulations on the podcast, I found it quite entertaining, I love your Co-hosts and thought everyone did a stellar job. Thank you for keeping it interesting and for the record. I think Joshua Morrow’s honest take on his characters feelings were sincere and refreshing if not popular. Again Thank you for the interviews.


  4. susan says:

    Thank you, Michael. I always enjoy your interviews! You and Carolyn make a dynamite duo. I hope this podcast lasts for a very long time.
    Joshua Morrow is one of my very favorite soap actors. I love him and Michelle together on Y&R. I’ve been a viewer of that soap for over 30 years. They are the first duo that I truly adore. Like the podcast, I hope they last a very long time.
    Looking forward to getting Michelle on this thing. You might have to get your bleeper ready…LOL!


  5. mas says:

    Michael “THANK YOU” this is what I have waited for a soap show with soap stars I have been listening to soaps since childhood on the radio. Please try to get Megan Ward on she and Jess Walton are the very best actress’s on soaps today. I and many others cannot understand the reasoning of the GH writers shoving a less talented Lisa Lo no talent down our throats when we want Megan. Loved Carolyn Hennesey she is so “REAL”, please Michael have megan on and ask her “What is going on?????


  6. Trle says:

    Nick is at hi best with Sharon, he is so pathetic with Phyllis and Phyllis is beter without him


  7. Elanc56 says:

    To Texas woman – As always on the CBS MB, those who don’t respect the right of others to have a ‘different’ opinion, refer to the different opinion as ‘bashing.’ I don’t bash Phick fans at all. It is their right to like whomever they choose. It is also my right to not like whomever I choose. This is not personal. Bashing a ‘fan’ requires knowledge of the fan. I doubt that any of us knows each other beyond a posting relationship. I stand by my statement that I don’t know anyone who has this favorable impression of Phick that some seem to have. That is not a bash. It is the truth. And that is what makes this a democracy…the fact that each of us has the right to like who we like. You are certainly entitled to like Phick. I can’t stand them. And what I may or may not have done in career choices has nothing to do with any of this.


  8. JimTolkien says:

    Hi Michael,

    This was well done and entertaining. I am so happy you decided to have Joshua Morrow on your show…leave it up to him to share his sense of humor with us.

    And to Joshua, I wanted to say how very proud of you I am, I have watched you since the 1st day you started on the show and in case no one has told you lately you have come a very long way and I am enjoying watching you play Nick Newman. I am beyond excited that they have loosened your character up, though the past year of Nick acting like a 16-year old high school laddy I can certainly do without and hope never to see again..YUCK!! I can also do without the nerdy Nick, thank you very much!! I would like to see Nick in more business stories. I hope we get to start to see the fun side of Nick again albeit I am about darn ready for Nick, Phyllis and the rest of the Phick family to take over the world LOL!!

    I am happy that you are enjoying playing alongside Michelle Stafford, my very favorite soap actress of all shows!! And I couldn’t agree with you more when you said the Phick pairing has been the highlight of your career because it has been the highlight of me watching The Y&R and that’s saying a lot because I have watched the show for a very very long time. And you and Michelle have managed to make me start liking Adam & Michael Muhney as well..I think you all play well off each other and it has become very enjoyable to watch.

    So thank you for your very refreshing candor and humor..there are some of us soap fans who like you don’t really take this all very seriously. But I have to admit I have become one of those volatile Phick fans lately because I have better things to do with my hour than to watch an unbelievably organic and dynamic pairing as Nick and Phyllis get a sledgehammer taken to it without reason or anything that makes sense. And I will never ever be a stalwart not in this day and age…life is too short LOL!!

    Best wishes and keep up the great work, you have indeed become one of my favorites on the show!!


    Delta24d replied

    As always I love reading Jim’s take on stories and points of view. I totally agree with everything that was said and it echoes my sentiments and feelings exactly. Thank you for putting in words what is in my heart Jim Tolkein, you are a refreshing point of view.


  9. Doe says:

    Michael, what a treat! enjoyed your first podcast and the co-hosts you had on. It was very entertaining and jam packed with goodies! I loved that you played GH’s Lucky”s speech to Elisabeth. He was sensational. Also, want to compliment you on the variety of subjects you all talked about., and the humor. Especially with Dillon and Carolyn reading the Franco script that never happened.It was a hoot! Good luck in the future podcasts. Will look forward to hearing them…..


  10. Elanc56 says:

    Obviously, the various posters here are those who like Phick…I saw only one – Knox – who likes Shick and my original response was to Knox. I also made very clear in my response to Texas woman that I do not bash ‘fans’. I of course ‘bash’ Phick because I can’t stand them as a couple, never have, never will. And I’ve already stated my equal right to express my opinions as Dianlsally, also a fan of Phick. Nothing more needs to be said. Enjoy y and r and have fun!


    dianlsalley replied

    Elanc all you know how to do is bash phyllis only because you feel sharon should have him plain and simple. You need to be corrected because I am a phyllis fan not a phick. I cheer for whatever phyllis does not what her and nick do. Nick treats her badly so she needs to dump him. I wish the writers would give nick back to sharon so that they could whine off into the sunset together! Phyllis deserves a much better man and sharon deserves any man because it doesn’t seem to matter to her much. Goodbye!


  11. waldo doe says:

    this was very entertaining and clever. I loved all the special segments. Carolyn is a hoot! You guys have great chemistry.


  12. Meagan says:

    Great show! Loved it! Can anyone tell me when the next one will be on? Is there a schedule that I’m not finding?


  13. Islandgirl says:

    Go Phick. You are the best.
    Hope they can get over their issues


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