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February 24, 2017

Y&R’s Eric Braeden “I’ll Be Damned” Video Interview: Life On A Soap Opera, Being Victor Newman, His Castmates, His Early Life and Childhood!

Photo: MF Soaps Inc.

Earlier this month, The Young and the Restless’ soap opera icon, Eric Braeden (Victor Newman) released his memoir “I’ll Be Damned” nationwide.

And now for launch of Michael Fairman’s new You Tube channel, The Michael Channel, Eric is the inaugural interview guest.  In sitting down with the Daytime Emmy-winning and popular star, Michael and Eric tackled many subjects and moments from Braeden’s memoir, and life both on-screen and off.

In “I’ll Be Damned” and their conversation, Eric reveals emotional moments from his childhood including: losing his father at an early age, the atrocities of Adolph Hitler and Nazi Germany, getting his start in America and his first big break in Hollywood, changing his name from Hans Gudegast to Eric Braeden, meeting his wife, Dale and the birth of his son, Christian. Trying to right the wrongs of his homeland, Braeden opens up about his dedication to his humanitarian work helping form the German American Culture Society, and working for decades to show the world that what we share as humans is far more important than what separates us from one another, and to change perceptions.

In “I’ll Be Damned, Eric takes his fans on a journey of his life behind the scenes of the number one daytime drama series including: what was the trigger that made him decide to stay on as Victor following his conversation with the late Bill Bell (Creator, Y&R).  What he thinks of some of his longtime current and former castmates including; the late Jeanne Cooper, Melody Thomas Scott, Heather Tom, Joshua Morrow, Doug Davidson, and more.

In this interview and as detailed in his memoir, Eric opens up about the one former Y&R actor actor who talked behind his back to other cast members, and stirred up so much controversy that he was eventually fired, and Braeden details what happened during his famous slip-up during a Daytime Emmy appearance.

Watch part one and part two of Eric Braeden’s “I’ll Be Damned’ Interview with Michael Fairman after the jump! T hen let us know what was your favorite part of it, and if you gleaned anything more about this soap veteran in the comment section below! Read more >

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