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May 31, 2016

GH Summer Promo: Julian Goes Postal On Finn, Liz Plans To Take Down Hayden, Maxie Is Stunned About Nathan’s Past!


General Hospital picks-up today with several major new storylines that just opened up since the conclusion of the Nurses’ Ball.  Now ABC has released a summer promo for the Emmy-award winning drama series that features clips from the week ahead.

Look for an overwraught Julian (William deVry) to put the blame on Finn (Michael Easton) for the condition that has landed Julian’s  son Lucas (Ryan Carnes) in the hospital fighting for his life.  This after Lucas received an injection in the neck from an unknown assailant, and that in turn ended up ruining his nuptials to Brad (Parry Shen).

Meanwhile look for the mystery of,  who threw Nikolas (Tyler Christopher) out the window …  or …  how did he land on the rocks bloodied, and now is nowhere to be found to pick up steam with Elizabeth (Rebecca Herbst) standing up to Hayden (Rebecca Budig) with plenty of soapy bitchery, and a catfight between the two.  Will Liz be the one to finally get Hayden out of Nikolas’ life?

And Maxie (Kirsten Storms) looks completely stunned when she sits with Nathan (Ryan Paevey) and says to her man, “Oh, my God.  You killed someone?” Will we finally learn more about the backstory of Claudette and Nathan and Griffin (Matt Cohen), since now Bree Williamson is on her way to play the role of Nathan’s ex  in July?

Watch the first summer promo from GH after the jump.  Then let us know:  Who do you think was behind Lucas getting that mysterious injection?  Do you hope Liz wipes the floor with Hayden? Do you still think the end game for Maxie is with Nathan, or could Griffin ultimately be her man?  Comment below! Read more >

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