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July 25, 2016

Y&R Utilizes Flashback Of Jeanne Cooper’s Final Scene As Jill Recalls The Color Of Katherine’s Mansion “Forget Me Not Yellow”


Did you grab for the hankies? The Young and the Restless utilized the final scene between the iconic duo, Katherine and Jill, played by the late Jeanne Cooper and her longtime scene partner, Jess Walton, in a very creative way on Monday’s episode of the CBS daytime drama series.

It came about after Jill tells Billy (Jason Thompson) her plans for Brash & Sassy, and how he will work alongside of Cane (Daniel Goddard).  Billy accepts her deal, and as Jill looks around at the blue-colored home of her son, which was formerly the mansion of Katherine Chancellor,  she looks down at the yellow can of paint near the entranceway wall and recalls the last time she saw Katherine saying goodnight to her as she heads up the stairs.

At the end of the flashback, Jill takes the paint brush and puts the yellow paint on the wall and says to Billy, “This is the color. Forget Me Not Yellow.”

After the jump watch the scene as Y&R and Jess, remember Jeanne and Katherine Chancellor.  Then share your thoughts at seeing the one and only Jeanne Cooper again on your screens. Read more >

Recent Chatter

  • blake: And great closure to Katherine and Jill.
  • blake: What a beautiful scene and a perfect end to Katherine.
  • Shane: I miss that lady!!!
  • Rebecca1: Lol…that was your Bernie impersonation, right Su?
  • Tom Jenkins: Plus when he (Rafe) climbed up through the so called hidden...
  • Tom Jenkins: It really and truly was awful, impossible to sit through, and...
  • Ray: No one knows the real story except the people that were on set that day....