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July 6, 2015

Jonathan Jackson On His GH Return This Week: “It Was Really Exciting To Get To Do Those Scenes With Tony. It Was Really Special For Me.”

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This week, five-time Daytime Emmy winner Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) returns to General Hospital for his whirlwind guest stint, as the story picks up with Luke and Laura at the mercy of their old adversary Frank Smith!

Jackson, who is currently on tour this summer with his band Enation, and will start shooting season four of the primetime ABC series Nashville this month, discussed his brief, but emotional return to the soap that got him his start.

While Jonathan would not give away any story points in his interview with TV Line, he says he was so excited to work one last time with Anthony Geary (Luke), and being able to fit his short arc into his busy summer schedule.

Jonathan commented: “I did what was probably a week’s worth of work in two days. It was a whirlwind. But it was so fun to see everyone. It was really exciting to get to do those scenes with Tony. It was really special for me.”  As to Lucky being in peril, Jackson hinted:  “Yeah. But we were able to find some moments to have some more heartfelt scenes which was something that (I was really) looking forward to. I was excited about that.”

And as for also being reunited with his TV mother Genie Francis (Laura), Jackson didn’t even know she was going to be part of the storyline until just before he arrived to GH: “I hadn’t been following the show, so I didn’t know Genie was going to be there until maybe a week or so before I flew to L.A. I was so excited to see Genie and to get to work with her again.” Read more >

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