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May 4, 2016

Did Obba Babatundé’s Performance On Tuesday’s B&B Just Score Him His Next Daytime Emmy?


The Bold and the Beautiful’s Obba Babatundé was just named the Outstanding Guest Performer in a Drama Series at Sunday’s 43rd Annual Daytime Emmy Awards.

Obba won the gold for his scenes where Julius and his transgender daughter Maya (Karla Mosley) have a major confrontation at Maya and Rick’s (Jacob Young) wedding.

Now, comes another stirring and memorable performance that should be remembered come Emmy time next year!  The action happened on Tuesday’s episode of B&B.  The set up has that Nicole (Reign Edwards) has learned that Sasha (Felisha Cooper) is her biological sister, and that Julius is their father, but Vivienne (Anna Maria Horsford) is not Sasha’s mother.   This happens when Sasha spills the beans to Nicole in a confrontation over the man in their life, Zende (Rome Flynn).

Now alone with Julius, Nicole lets him have it for his deception, and Julius in tears explains to Nicole how he was driven to another woman, which seems to have stemmed from Myron (now Maya) and Vivienne turning his back on him years ago, and turning to someone else for comfort, or so he explains.   In these scenes both Obba and Reign Edwards brought the drama in compelling performances.

Later, after promising to set the record straight with Vivienne before Nicole does, Julius instead goes to confront Sasha. He lets her know how he took care of her, and how me made sure Vivienne was in her life. But now that she betrayed him, by revealing the one thing he asked her not to do and to keep quiet about, Julius bascially tells her he doesn’t want her as part of the family.  With one tear streaming down his face, and defiant and hurt, it was Obba at his best.

Watch the scene between Sasha and Julius after the jump, and make sure to catch the episode and the scene between Nicole and Julius.   Then let us know, will Obba make it a two-peat at next yeat’s Daytime Emmys? Read more >

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