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October 24, 2014

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Laura Wright and Billy Miller Share Scenes as Carly and “Jake” AKA Jason!


On Friday’s episode of General Hospital, Laura Wright (Carly) and Billy Miller (Jason) shared their first scenes on-air as Carly and Jason (well, “Jake” for now).

The set-up had Carly running into “Jake” at the hospital in Franco’s Art Rehab classroom.

Once in each others gaze, Carly felt that “Jake” seemed very familiar to her, so much so, that once they got around to talking about her upcoming Halloween nuptials to Franco, Carly needed a sounding board … and guess who listened to her?

One of the key moments of the scenes came when Carly told “Jake” that today was the 2nd anniversary of her best friend Jason’s death.  And as Carly mentioned Jason, and later Sonny, it seemed that “Jake” may have had a slight recollection, but cannot connect the dots as of yet.  The scenes were written in very much the same way the old Carly/Jason scenes went down, where Carly needed some sound advice, and Jason offered it.  This time “Jake” offered it, basically saying if you want to marry the guy (Franco) you should, and if you don’t, you shouldn’t.   To which Carly responded, that is the way Jason would have given her advice.

What was exciting for fans of GH, and the soaps, was to see these two daytime heavyweights and Daytime Emmy winners, sharing scenes for the first time, where eventually, and somehow, Carly and “Jake” will realize just how much they mean to one another!  Plastic surgery and memory loss can confuse people, after all! Read more >

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