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July 23, 2017

DAYS Delicious Doppelgängers, Chabby Drama, Hernandez Bro Conflict: Ron Carlivati’s First Three Episodes Raise The Bar To Engaging and Entertaining!


Right from the start of this past Wednesday’s episode of Days of our Lives through to cliffhanger Friday, when viewers tuned-in to see the debut of heralded head writer Ron Carlivati’s work on the NBC sudser, longtime fans could not help but notice the vast improvement in dialogue, story pacing, nods to the shows history, and humor and dramatic conflicts that are signatures of the Daytime Emmy-winning scribes work. In addition, the editing of the episodes seemed quicker and more intense, and when the scenes went to commercial break, it felt it was at just at the right spots to leave the audience clamoring for more.


So, how did Ron make us keep glued to our screens to see how the action played out?  Well, let’s start with the return of the doppelgangers orchestrated by Morgan Fairchild as Angelica Deveraux in her plan to snare Justin Kiriakis (Wally Kurth) all for herself.  However, she has brought in some bubbling cons to assist her … chief among them, Hattie Adams (Deidre Hall) who is trying her best to learn “shrink” jargon to parade around town as Marlena, such as when quizzed how she would handle a patient’s anxiety dosing.  Hattie spouts “I’d zap the dula with a gargantuan dose of diazepam.”  In another moment Hattie mixes up “bipolar disorder” by calling it “bisexual disorder”.


Marlena (Deidre Hall), who finally gets to see her man return to Salem John (Drake Hogestyn) is then not so happy to learn he is running off with his son Paul (Christopher Sean) to try to find the real killer of Deimos Kiriaskis, since Sonny (Freddie Smith) is in jail.  They are off to talk to another convict, Xander!  It was also good to see Paul Telfer back on our screens and in some snappy repartee’ especially when he snarls at Paul that Sonny would not be, “Man enough to kill Deimos.”

Meanwhile, Hattie is roped into Angelica’s plan, because she wants Roman all to herself and Angelica pivots that if she sticks with her they both will get what they want.  You can see the stage is set for some major miscues and interpretations once Hattie infiltrates Marlena’s life. At the end of Friday’s episode, Angelica enlists Hattie to do one more thing …  to go back to Statesville prison and get none other than Adrienne’s doppelganger, Bonnie Lockhart (Judi Evans) be part of the master plan.   And as viewers saw, conflict is arising between a jealous Lucas (Bryan Dattilo) vying for the attention of Adrienne against Justin.  Looks like, trouble is ahead for all involved.


Carlivati also re-set the story of Chad (Billy Flynn) and Abigail (Marci Miller) as star-crossed lovers, now that Dario (Jordi Vilasuso) has turned into one bad dude.  Abigail learns about his embezzling of the money from Countess Wilhelmina, and wants to tell the police and Chad.  Dario blackmails her with a photo of Chad kneeling over the body of Deimos, which looks like he could be the actual killer.  He turns the tables on Abby.  Later, she finds out from Kate (Lauren Koslow) that Dario lied to her about his immigration papers and status and trapped her into marriage.


At TBD, Chad confronts Dario, but he still doesn’t know the full extent of what evidence Dario has against him and is hiding from him.  He tells Dario in their heated exchange, that he is going to get “all of it” back that is his; meaning the money and Abigail.

Dario is glib, and with Dario being in trouble with the law, it put some conflict into the relationship of Hope (Kristian Alfonso) and Rafe (Galen Gering), when Rafe admitted to his lady love that he knew of Dario’s plan to marry Abigail, and what he was up to which was to keep him from being deported. Hope is not happy that Rafe lied to her, but later Rafe arrests his brother, just after Dario talks to his contact Myron and tells him to speed up their plan.

You can watch the promo for next week’s DAYS after the jump, which indicates some major drama is about to go down for Chabby. Read more >

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