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May 26, 2017

GENERAL HOSPITAL: Maura West Delivers Masterful Performance As Ava Is Busted By Sonny and Carly!


When the big moments are set to reveal the long-awaited pay-off and the emotional stakes are high, if you are an executive producer, you want Maura West (Ava Jerome, GH) on your show, and your team.

This three-time Daytime Emmy winning and most accomplished actress throughout her daytime drama career has delivered these moments time and time again. Each a gift to the fans and the audience who invest in the characters she has played.

On Friday’s episode of ABC’s General Hospital, Ava Jerome had to face the music, and the verbal and emotional onslaught of grieving parents, Sonny (Maurice Benard) and Carly Corinthos (Laura Wright) for her part in the demise of Morgan Corinthos. These scenes gave West a platform to showcase Ava’s guilt, self-loathing, conniving, and even at times unflinching emotions even when busted!

It all went down when Sonny and Carly confront Ava in the Jerome art warehouse. They accuse her of having tampered with Morgan meds to keep him away from Kiki (Hayley Erin).  Ava says she was protecting her children. After continually coming at Ava armed with the truth of her misdeeds, Ava breaks and admits she switched Morgan’s pills.

Then in heartfelt moments played by Laura Wright and Maurice Benard, Carly and Sonny come at Ava with how she stole Morgan’s victory from him after he returned home from being put away. They quote entries from his diary to Ava to drive that point home.  Caught and in tears, Ava says she’s grieved too for Morgan, she cared deeply for him, and that he wasn’t supposed to die. Sonny says Avery will be crushed when she learns what a monster her mother is, since Avery loved spending time with her big brother. Read more >

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