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October 9, 2015

DAYS Decimates Will Horton! Should Ben Have Brutally Murdered This Once Legacy Character?


It came as no surprise after months of speculation, and of course confirmation in this week’s Soap Opera Digest (on newsstands now), that Days of our Lives Killer Ben (Rob Scott Wilson) would take the life of Will Horton (Guy Wilson) as his next victim.

And on Friday’s episode of the NBC soap opera, the scenes finally played themselves that when all was said in done, snuffed out the life of this once important character to the Salem canvas, and of the LGBT community.  The character also helped the soap earn GLAAD Awards, Daytime Emmys, and gave them a press angle they had not been able to utilize before.  More importantly. it showcased that a core family in town could have a gay child among them, and how the themes of love and acceptance were played out.

If you have not seen today’s (Friday) episode please do not read any further.

In story, Will is at Ben’s apartment waiting for the cable repair man to help his cousin Abby (Kate Mansi), who went to support her fiance’, who is dealing with the news that his father Clyde (James Read) has been arrested as a drug Lord at the Salem PD.  However, while Will is alone, he is shooting paper balls into a trashcan near Ben’s bed from the couch, and then later picking them up.  It is then he finds a red necktie in the trashcan.  Ben happens to come home and sees that Will has the tie, and he becomes increasingly frightening!  Ben is feeling like he has been caught!  When Will tries to leave after getting the creeps from Ben, he is thrown into the refrigrator and knocked out!  Next, in a harrowing moment, Ben takes the necktie and strangles the life out of Will.  He then slides the body across the floor.  The scene transistions, and we see that Ben has brought Will back to his apartment, making it look like Will was a victim of a struggle or a break-in.  Finally,  Ben drapes the red necktie around Will’s neck and leaves to go back home to Abby.  In the end, it is Gabi (Camila Banus) who walks in and finds Will’s lifeless body, as she lets out a blood curdling scream.

Mixed-emotions are running high today on social media.  Many, who did not like the character turn under the writing regime of former DAYS scribes Gary Tomlin and Chris Whitesell, now felt bad that the new regime of Josh Griffith and Dena Higley, killed Will off.  Still others have wanted the character gone for quite some time, since they never took to Guy Wilson’s portrayal of him, which got even more intense once the series made the character pretty dispiscable.  It was a far cry from the Will Horton who came out, and was written with such emotional heart and intensity, and played at that time in touching performances by eventual three-time Daytime Emmy winner, Chandler Massey.  Will’s murder also marked the end of the line for the couple known and beloved as WilSon.  First, came Freddie Smith’s (Sonny) decision to exit the series, and now the storyline-dictated move of Guy Wilson’s departure. Read more >

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