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11 September 12th, 2012 Claire Malis Callaway, Ex-Dorian One Life to Live, Has Passed Away!

Before there was Robin Strasser as Dorian Cramer Lord, there was Claire Malis, and before that Nancy Pinkerton played the delicious soap role on One Life to Live.   Sadly, actress Claire Malis Callaway has passed away.   She was 69.

Callaway died a few weeks ago on August 24 of congestive heart failure and pneumonia at City of Hope Helford Clinical Research Hospital in Duarte, California.  She had undergone a stem cell transplant in 2010 in a battle with non-Hodgkin lymphoma.

Claire was also know for her role as Rose Polniaczek, the divorced mother of Nancy McKeon’s character, on The Facts Of Life.   Malis was on  OLTL as Dorian from February 1977 to April 1979.

Survivors include her husband Thomas Callaway, their son Catlin, and her brother Lee.  On-Air On-Soaps remembers Claire’s wonderful portrayal of Dorian, and sends our thoughts and prayers to her family.

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  1. Joe says:

    RIP Dorian Lord # 2! Can someone post a clip of her as Dorian? I don’t remember ever seeing one.


    David Larsson replied

    Here’s a brief clip of her. And it truly is brief. She only appears in the first scene and that’s it.


    MK replied

    i saw one clip on youtube. I will have to find it.

    They really are dropping like flies from OLTL. Was something in the water? How did ES survive it?


  2. Mark says:

    Oh my goodness, we lost another wonderful actress who played Dr. Dorian Cramer. First Nancy Pinkerton and then Dixie Carter. I recall Claire Malis as Dorian. Very different than Nancy Pinkerton. I always remember her as much more relaxed and casual. Wish there were clips of her in the role. Condolences to her family.


  3. JLH says:

    She was one of the reasons I became so engrossed in OLTL when I was in 4th grade–loved her as Dorian and it took years and years for me to appreciate Robin S. Very sad news.


  4. mo says:

    Don’t you mean her daughter Catlin?


  5. Iakovos says:

    Blessings on Ms. Malis’s family. My mother had lymphoma and was a big fam of ONE LIFE TO LIVE. For years! Me too! I recall Nancy Pinkerton and Claire Malis as Dorian and they were awesome. Thank you, Michael, for keeping us informed of those we remember so well. In a culture where we often forget the past, it is important to honr those who shared their talents and provided us entertainment and top storytelling. We often wonder what happens to these fine actors.


  6. larkin says:

    Certainly not the most famous Dorian but she was in the role when I started watching and I remember several scenes. Gone to soon.


  7. johnny cooperwood says:

    to famaliy so very sorry to god be the glory mrs clarie malis is dear to me tho never met she is the very best atress that ever been shes such sophisticated cat god knows you are special and i love god and you your with him if you meet my grandmothers tell johnny jr miss yall and isay hi hope to be with you all god bless love johnny


  8. patricia velez says:

    I would like to express my sincerly sympathy to the callaway family for the lost of a good women ,and friend. whom always care for others then her self. I can remember when we first met on the set of one life to live i was just visiting the set for the first time when i bumped in to mrs malis in the front desk and she took me to the back to meet all the cast members. i was over whelmed. then 20 years later i ended up in a hospital called cedar sinai in caifornia for an apendix operation. and to my suprise there was mrs malis calloway waiting for me to take me home. i can’t inmagine what faith had for an angel like her. mrs calloway you are an angel and god has given you your wings ! you will be deeply missed. R.I.P.


  9. Tim Mihalik says:

    I fondly remember Claire from high school in Gary, Indiana. We both attended Lew Wallace High School . She was one year ahead of me in school. We both were in the schools drama class for 3 years. She was a great classmate and friend. She had acting in her blood.


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