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June 29th, 2011  |  Leave a comment ( 3 ) Bobbie Eakes Interview – All My Children – 38th Daytime Emmy Red Carpet

All My Children’s Bobbie Eakes chats with Michael Fairman in a very special interview on the Emmy red carpet about her sentiments being at the event, now that AMC is wrapping up. See what she had to say about it all!

  1. Elizabeth says:

    Thanks for the interview. Bobbie looks gorgeous, and she’s so gracious and generous. I wish her well when AMC goes off the air.


  2. fran songhurst says:

    I love what bobbie eakes had to say and I wish her all the best and the rest of amc but I especially liked when she talked about the sleeping giant and boy was she right about that one as a soap fan I will never give up the fight to keep our soaps. abc no matter what they do or say I have lost all respect and loyalty to a network who puts greed ahead of devoted fans and I for one will forever continue the boycott against abc and disney for putting so many people through hell especially the hard working actors who will be out of jobs shame on them there ratings will forever be in flames


  3. Maggie says:

    Wonderful interview, I loved Bobbie Eakes right from the start and she has grown so much on this show. I would hate to see her leave. I’ve read many comments from different sites, and pretty much concur with most of them. What is ABC thinking,

    people live to watch their favorite soaps, and now they are killing off more. I’ve watched both shows since I was a teenager (about 40 years now). I know I will be not be wactching ABC for a very long time! Shame on you! I understand that the soaps will now be shown online… great… but where do we go to watch and when. I truly feel bad for those individuals who do not, nor have access to a computer. Once again ABC…. shame..shame on you all

    Don’t you think your loyal viewers deserve more than is kind of
    treatment. Just don’t be surpised when your ratings drop.


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