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June 25th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 4 ) Cameron Mathison – All My Children

All My Children’s Cameron Mathison speaks with Michael Fairman on Ryan’s new romance with Madison, the 40th Anniversary photos for sale to fans of AMC, the upcoming Daytime Emmys, and previews what’s ahead for Pine Valley’s favorite leading man. And, what about Greenlee?

  1. ROSEMARIE says:

    I LIKE the actor and I like having his character on AMC BUT Ryan drives me crazy..he pretendes to die off a cliff even knowing the horrible pain it will cause Greenlee who was so miserable after Leo’s REAL death. WHY because he doesn’t want children because of his “bad” genes and yet he donates his sperm to an unsuspecting world TWICE He ia always the control guy…”this is what we’re going to do” with terrible schemes-alsmost as bad as Jake -He marries a blond sweet young mother trying to save her child from a pervert father in an effort I guess again to get over Greenlee. She (Annie) was a apparently (until the writers went bananas) a brave nice woman.She opens the door to her terrible past in order to help Spike,,,enter her pathological brother whom she kills after he tries to kidnap Babe..she knows he has killed and is a threat to her family.NOW Ryan is about to become involved with a woman who has bludgeoned a helpless man to death…he’s a bastard but defenseless..this is Madison whom everybody seem to love inspite of the mrder and blackmail…hmm Ryan is always on Annie’s case..a few MINUTES late in picking up her child…after he has had a PARADE of women in and out of his bed and the home he shares with his daughter and letting her get emotionally involved with Kendall, Greenlee, Erika and now Madison…whatta Dad !! and hasn’t he a knack for choosing and discarding women..he grieved for Jillian, grieved what 3 days for Greenlee Annie’s character now is illogical to her start altho I m sure it is more fun for the actress but her character has been the butt of a LOT of abuse from chracters who have no business calling the kettle black-Kendall, Adam ,AJ ( puleeeze !) Erika-queen bitch- Brooke-an almost adulteress and husband stealer tho acting sooo sweet.etc etc


  2. Joanna says:

    Pine Valley’s favorite leading man? He must be the favorite of all those offline viewers…


    Carol replied

    Great interview. Even though Cameron seems very tired, his warm and funny personality still shines through.

    It’s true that Ryan is not a huge fan favorite right now, but as this is a character, and the actor, Cameron, is a sweetheart IRL, I’m not sure why all the hostility here.

    I still miss the days of Ryan & Gillian. Maybe being new to acting, as Cameron said he was then, more of Cameron’s own personality came through the character of Ryan. That’s why he was so likable, where this Ryan is not?

    I wish him well! If he does get a gig on GMA, I know he’d do an amazing job and I’ll have to start DVR-ing that show! :-)


  3. Haydee says:

    I love Cameron, he is amazing. He is such a great actor and everyone thinks that his character is a bit over the top but I believe that thats exactly what makes his character great. Soaps are for over the top stories. I am so happy that they are pursuing the romance between him and Madison because the chemistry is amazing!!

    I love that they aren’t placing him with Greenlee off the bat. While I love those two together I also think her charcter is getting on my nerves this time around and she needs to work on some issues. I also love how sweet and laid back he seems. Thanks so much for posting this vid.


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