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March 12th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 11 ) Cameron Mathison & Rebecca Budig – AMC On-Set Interview

  1. Stephanie says:

    I love all of your interviews, and I especially love the AMC interviews you conducted on their new set. You ask the questions we all want the answers to. Thanks for keeping this soap fan entertained.


  2. Blake Purdy says:

    Hey Michael. I really like what you’ve done to your site, and that was a great interview. Keep it up!


  3. Mary Matthews says:

    Great interviews as usually Michael.. I still don’t understand why CM and RB thinks fans want to see David in a triangle with disgusting Ryan and Greenlee. I am so tired of the Rylee saga. Rylee is played out, and I wish CM/RB/ABC/AMC would stop pimping this toxic pairing. I don’t want to see Greenlee with Leo’s brother David either, but anything is better than deadbeat Ryan and Greenlee..


  4. Jennifer Taylor says:

    I love the interviews with the cast of All my children right up until Cameron Mathison started pushing Ryan and Greenlee like crazy. I can’t stand Rylee! For the life of me, I do not understand why Rebecca Budig would come back to All my children for another boring Rylee story.. How long are the fans going to have to endure this sick couple because the actors enjoy working together..


  5. marianna says:

    OMG, Cameron and Rebecca are soo freakin cute!!! but love rebecca’s hair looked better lighter!


  6. Monica says:

    So Ryan hooking up with Erica was another Rylee storyline? And here I thought it was all about Ryan and the ego of Cameron Mathison.I can´t belive he is pimping for Rylee when he had the ultimate star of AMC,and I´m not talking Rebecca Budig.We all know Susan Lucci is the Star of All My Children.Can we please have her and Jack back now?Or how about Erica and David? Beats watching boring Ryan and his portrayer Cam Mathison 24/7 on All My Children,that´s for sure.Enough is enough.Tptb over at AMC need to go into Ryan detox.Stat.


  7. untilwemeetagain says:

    I thought CAM/RB were adorable, and I really think David/Greenlee are amazing together. That chemistry that started seven years ago after Leo died has stood the test of time and then some. I enjoy AMC like I haven’t in years because of their ridiculous connection. You had some great interviews. I look forward to you maybe in the future interviewing RB/VI next.


  8. mari says:

    I love Camaron and Rebecca and I love Rylee !


  9. mari says:

    I love Cameron and Rebecca and I love Rylee!


  10. anna stella says:

    Love Ryan and Greenlee together! Go Rylee!


  11. stephanie says:



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