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June 30th, 2011  |  Leave a comment ( 6 ) Jordi Vilasuso Interview – All My Children – 38th Daytime Emmy Red Carpet

All My Children’s Jordi Vilasuso stops by to chat with Michael Fairman on the Emmy red carpet. Jordi reveals how he would like to see Griffin’s story end in Pine Valley as the series comes to it conclusion, and what it’s like to work with Alicia Minshew!

  1. richard says:

    Jordi is delutional if he really think that adding another year to this so called epic failure of a love story that was going to raise the ratings would succeed with Kendall. Who is this man? I mean really does he really think this? He really should do his homework before doing an interview.


  2. jam says:

    A year?? You’ve already had 7 months!! What more do you want?? Zach and Kendall took off after their first meeting in Vegas. And had legions of fans after a few shorts months. Sorry, but Griffin and Kendall would have gone NOWHERE!! Once you see the chemistry like was seen between AM and TK . . . it is VERY hard to replicate. And trust me, Kendall and Griffin don’t even come close.


  3. jam says:

    Why can’t I see all the other comments?? I know a ton were left yesterday feeling the same way I did.


  4. Louise Avery says:

    These poor delusional fans – Thorsten Kaye can’t get in the ballpark w/JV no matter whether “kendall” wants him or not – I am a woman & I promise you that LEGIONS of other woman would kill just to see that man in person!!!!!!!


  5. Cambry says:

    Vilasuso is the only reason I’m still watching this train wreck. The show is ending and the writers continue to spew out crap. At least Griffin and Kendall are entertaining to watch. As oppose to watching Dixie thrash around on a cot. Why can’t we just have to story lines that mean something to us. Instead of waiting until the last week of air time.


  6. Lisa Bordeaux says:

    As far as I’m concerned Griffin is more interesting than that other old guy. What is it w/putting the same couples together ad infinitum (that means forever). No wonder the show is cancelled. Maybe someone besides insecure housewives would have watched if a little more spice like these Griffin & Kendall had been added.


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