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December 17th, 2012  |  Leave a comment ( 19 ) The Martin Holiday Party Reunion Interview – Cast of All My Children

Members of the cast of All My Children’s Martin Family and Pine Valley special guests chatted with Michael Fairman at the recent AMC Martin Holiday Party event thrown by Soap Opera Socialite Productions. In this sweet, honest, and candid interview, Michael E. Knight, Vincent Irizarry, Bobbie Eakes, Jill Larson, Cady McClain, Amanda Baker and Lee Meriwether reminisce about their time on the legendary soap and much more!

  1. johanna says:

    Awesome interview MEK is right I never blamed PP I do however think ABC/D had a part in spoiling their plans. Now that ABC is feeling the pain in the rateings they might help PP out or steal the glory for themselves


  2. Sheryl Postin says:

    Great interview as always, enjoyed seeing everyone including you.I hope the show will come back soon and not just to end it. We really miss seeing the cast and the show.We wish everyone a great holiday .


  3. Bruce says:

    Loved it!


  4. Sheila says:

    Thanks so much for the wonderful interview! It will be so wonderful if the plans work out for this soap and OLTL to come back. I still love seeing the Soapnet episodes even if they are four years old!


  5. Holly says:

    Wonderful interview. Made my day. All My Children was family for many viewers and to lose them was a great loss.
    I also think ABC was clueless in the last yrs. It was liked they wanted to sabotage ratings to replace with a cheaper sow that I refused to watch.
    Seeing Agnes on the View when her shows were being honored but canceled, it broke my heart to see her cry.
    She brought happiness to millions.
    Thanks Cady, MEK, Jill, Bobbie, Vincent,Lee, Amanda for being our Martin family we loved so much


  6. Fashungirl says:

    Watching the Martin family interview just made me drop few tears. I MISS AMC! I miss Tad and Dixie the most!


  7. Doe says:

    Wow! What a great interview, Michael. Just to see and listen to all the actors and their take on what went down in the end is sad and very powerful. Vincet has the best idea about a prime time special, Hey, producers you should tak a good look at this. I hope you do more of this type of interview, Michael, with all of the cast members from various soaps.


  8. susan M. says:

    Wonderful interview. Thee all look good. Who was the woman sitting next to Dixie? With shoulder length blonde hair… I didn’t
    recognize her. David looks GOOD…..Tad & Dixie FOREVER!


  9. shelly says:

    this was so cool! i am still saddened that it was cancelled after watching my whole life.

    thank you to the actors and actresses that came and taped this segment for the fans, you rock!


  10. Judy Myers says:

    I watched this show from Day 1 and loved every moment, recording the show every day. When weddings, funerals and memorial services were about to be seen, I would stop the recording, set my chair closer to the TV, grab my tissues, and then start the action. I cried with you; I laughed with you!
    I would love to see it on the “air” be it TV or web, but I agree that closure is needed for the show if it is not to be revived. Even a two-hour special would be better than “Bang bang we know who got shot and you don’t!” scenario that the show left for the audience.


  11. Peggy says:

    How fun! I met Vincent Irrizarry at a fan event in Milwaukee…what a nice man! I hope that the show truly does come back. I want to see them all back in action! Great interview. Thank you!


  12. Jules says:

    I think she’s a good actress, by my heaven’s Cady McClain spoke nonstop! She just kept going and going, with nonsense! Lee got a couple seconds to speak and Ms. Blabbermouth took over for many minutes on end!

    MEK is so reserved and so poised. It’s easy to overlook him because he doesn’t put himself “out there” like other actors, but when you see his work on screen, your jaw just falls to the floor.


    Ruth replied

    I just was able to look at the video this morning. It was very good. I do agree that Cady does talk a lot, but I like her. Obviously. you never liked her.


    Jules replied

    Why is it obvious I never liked her? “Never” is a long time, “like” is a subjective term, and I’m pretty sure my personal feelings of the actress was not expressed at all in those sentences.

    You know nothing of me, let alone on anything related to AMC. Please think twice before you make assumptions.

    SONNYMAMA replied

    Oye – Cady and those jabber jaws! I love Michael but ran out and had two orders of Peanut Butter Pancakes when she ate those poisoned ones!
    Now that AMC (& OLTL) are coming back I have visions of Cady doing everything but skydiving buck naked to get her tiny feet in the cyber door of AMC’s online show. Sorry Tad & Dixie fans but after watching AMC since day one – she started driving me nuts on and off the show. She’s a wee bit of an airhead. ‘I’ liked Cady until I saw her (more than once) literally talk over other cast members in a attempt to turn the focus on her. There are other reasons for the way I feel but enough said. I cannot wait for AMC to reboot – let the good times roll!


  13. Terry Renaud says:

    I started watching All My Children when I was pregnant for my son,on the first day it was on. All those years till the end. I really miss not seeing it, after all those years I wish it was still on, and I record all the past runs so that I could look of all those memories , I hope that it still has a chance to finish the show online.


    Theresa McAllister replied

    Same here, when I was pregnant the hormones would make me cry at the last few notes of the theme song, lol. I still watch the reruns because I did not watch religiously until 2010 and I just LOVE the show so much, those characters are part of my life…they remind me of raising my babies and watching it during their naptimes :-) I would cry if they ever came back!


  14. Shirley Miller says:

    This was a wonderful interview with the Martin Family and Vincent Irizarry during the Christmas holidays, Michael. Now that Prospect Park is bringing back AMC and OLTL, have you talked to any of these people about how they would feel about returing to AMC on the Web – TOLN? I know that Vincent has already signed on as his evil Dr. David Hayward and am very excited about this. Do you know if Michael is going to return as Tad Martin, or if any one else in the Martin Family is returning? I would love to hear from you regarding other people from AMC who have decided to make the transition from TV to the Internet. If you have done such an article, would you please let me know where I can find it as I would very much like to read it. I enjoy all your articles on the soaps …. I feel you are a soap lover just as I am. Thanks for all your support in helping to get these 2 soaps back … and I feel PP will do their best to present these soaps in a way that will make us fans happy!!!!!! It is like a Christmas miracle for us soap fans!!!!!!!


  15. kathy Wojewoda says:

    Thanks Michael that was a great interview with Genie Francis. I just love her. I think she is wonderful!!!


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