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July 6th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 7 ) Austin Peck & Terri Colombino – Daytime Emmy Red Carpet Interview – ATWT

As the World Turns ex-Brad, Austin Peck, and Oakdale’s Katie, Terri Colombino, appeared together at the 37th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards ceremonies in Las Vegas.  The duo chatted on the red carpet, seperately, with Michael Fairman on the ending of As the World Turns, Michael Park’s Lead Actor nomination, and if they are now perhaps, a real-life couple.

  1. semaj says:

    aww they are now a couple for real they were hot together on atwt


    Knox replied

    There is nothing remotely great about it. It’s disgusting that TC couldn’t see fit to honor her marriage vows to her husband. As for the rumors of her taking over as Sharon Collins on YR, puhleeze YR wouldn’t dare.


    Amber replied

    How can you blast Terri for not honoring her marriage vows when you watch soap operas? Soap operas make a mockery of the vows that’s just as bad as divorce itself. And if divorce is such a sin, the pope never would have granted them to kings centuries ago.

    Sharon replied

    Popes granted divorces to kings for money and political gain – still the reason the Roman Church grants annullments.


  2. teddy says:

    Really a couple? I think its more publicity, Terri is dreaming if she thinks my Austin will ever love her. Hell I know who “the real love of his life is” and it isn’t Terri! Preach it above poster no way Y &R will replaced Sharon Case, with Terri, and so much for Terri’s interview with micheaL “I leant my lesson” how desperate can any women be, instead of letin Austin work through his feeling for the person he really love…… So she’s k with him been in love with another women than what a B!


  3. teddy says:

    For anyone wanting to know what a two-faced bleep Terri Colombin is Youtube has a clip where she and Austin are judges for ATWT inturns! After finding out two contests are messing around behind the scenes. Terri C then lets them have it, calling them out on their behavior. To make a long story short the male contest is then set home by the judges , and the female contested gets another try. Bottom line is poor Austin didn’t deserve what he got. I wish Y & R would hire him instead of TC .Terri has shown herself to be B, such a couple that Austin did his interview seperately, and walked away. Austin’s in love alright just not with Terri or even his ex Tara for that matter.


  4. teddymac says:

    Thanks for this interview with Terri and Austin. They were wonderful together on ATWT and I know they are going to have great success ahead of them.


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