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0 November 13th, 2009 A DAY OF DAYS stars seen & heard and event images!

The stars came fast and furious through the press junket and to all the individual reporting outlets for this year’s NBC thrown, A DAY OF DAYS event at City Walk at Universal City, Ca. The Salemites signed autographs, met their legions of fans, and the crowd was treated to a hearty Q&A at the end of the day with the entire cast that was in attendance. On-Air On-Soaps was on hand taping new video interviews for this site coming very soon. We are currently putting some finishing touches on the little gems.

One of my favorite interviews of the day was talking with Alison Sweeney and Galen Gering about this week’s reveal when Rafe tells Sami about Baby Sydney. It was great to chat with these two….together. They shared much insight into their characters and some on-set funny moments, and you could truly get the sense that these two really liked working with one another and respected one another. Nice.

Louise Sorel and Peggy McKay were paired together (as were most of the cast so everyone had a chance to speak with everyone) and our interview disintegrated into how all of us have been “fired” at one time or another. Then Louise tells me there is something “really sick” coming from Vivian to Carly. No, it’s not being buried alive, but some…thing…..

Crystal Chappell (sans Peter Reckell) and I talked about the same thing, that Vivian is going to make Carly pay dearly for “taking” Lawrence Alamain’s life, plus we talked about Wally Kurth’s dimples! She loves them!

Speaking of Wally Kurth, it was great to see him again, and in his interview he was placed with “sexy” Nadia Bjorlin sans Shawn Christian. Yes, I know, I know…many of you wrote to me to chat with both Nadia and Shawn, but Shawn was off filming a movie and could not make the event. So, no “hottie’ Dr. Daniel. Sorry to report.

Suzanne Rogers also tipped me off that something big comes this way for Maggie in the New Year. It’s big, but I don’t think she goes on a bender…Oh boy! Emmy number two? Ms. Rogers also was on hand with the cast at the end of the event to cut the cake as DAYS celebrated its 44th Anniversary this past weekend. Terrell Ransom Jr. ( the littlest Carver of them all led the crowd in “Happy Birthday” Karaoke)

Arianne Zuker ( who is very preggars) and James Scott and I, try as we may to do a serious interview….did not succeed. Well, you will have to have a look see on how that turned out! Later, Joe Mascolo told me how Stefano and Kate look to be more serious than one might think, and Lauren Koslow kind of agreed. Hmmm. Interesting.

However, I think perhaps one of the best interviews of the day was with Eric Martsolf and Lindsay Hartley. We just got started on Brady’s druggie past and Arianna’s line of work and it just took on a life of its own. Its great to see both Eric and Lindsay together again. Love these two!

We will have photo gallery of the event coming in the days ahead, but for now enjoy these in the blog. And in closing….Happy Anniversary DAYS! You done good in 2009!

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