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0 October 16th, 2009 AIDS WALK LA EVENT -What went down, who was there

Last night, I attended POZ Magazine’s “Love Out Loud West’s” event which is a precursor to the AIDS Walk in Los Angeles on October 18th. Many soap fans may remember, last year I produced ‘Soaps In The City” for the organization, which also served as a kick-off launch party for this very website. However this year, I was not involved with the event planning, nor production, or procuring of talent and that was a decision I made early on. I decided, for me, it is better this year to be an attendee lending my support to the cause. So, I wanted to make it clear to the actors who were so gracious with their time to show up, that there may have been some misintepretation that this was my event. and to be clear to them it was NOT a “Michael Fairman” event. It was a POZ event.

That being said, GH’s Brandon Barash and Lisa LoCicero were there again this year, and it was great to see the duo. Brandon and I took a stroll down memory lane from last year’s SITC event where I accidently spit on him, during our video interview. You can catch that in the SITC page in the Media Gallery on this website! Not to be missed. LOL!

Lisa and I took some time to catch up and talk about all the fundraisers here in LA this weekend for AIDS And Cancer. And of course, talked about Olivia, Dante, Sonny, Kate, and Sarah Brown and the big November sweeps storyline.

Greg Vaughan who was let-go from GH as Lucky had a group of female fans who could not get enough of him, and who were there to show their support to Greg. After a long time coming to interview Greg, we got to finally take some and have a heart to heart to interview on his departure as Lucky. Make sure to come back and read the full interview next week!

Y&R’sThom Bierdz showed up to support the fight against HIV/AIDS and we too, had a little chitchat. Portions of that interview will appear Monday in my Soapside: Advocate’s Guide to Daytime column. Thom filled me in “What’s up with Phillip’s lack of a love story?” Details to follow.

B&B’s Brandon Beemer and beautiful girlfriend, DAYS Nadia B, showed up and made a grand entrance,. However as the same happened to many, Brandon detailed how it took them a few hours circling the Hollywood & Highland complex to locate the hidden H-Wood, ( where the event took place) which is well off the beaten track to find, if you don’t know where to look! A tricky find.

One Life to Live’s, Ilene Kristen was completely Jet Lagged, poor gal. The staunch supporter for POZ Magazine’s efforts had flown from NYC to LA that morning after working the night before at One Life to Live. Ilene is scheduled to perform her original songs tomorrow night at the ACME Sketch comedy show here in Los Angeles. After a long night, Ilene and I caught up, and she told me that things will heat up with the return of Roscoe Born to the mix in Llannview. And how did he end up back on the show, you ask? Apparently OLTL, head writer, Ron Carlivati ended up bumping into Roscoe at an Ilene singing gig when she was performing at the Triad in New York. The idea sort of sprung from there, according to Kristen, that Carlivati thought of bringing back Mitch Laurence (or is he even playing Mitch Laurence?) back to Llanview. Our lips are sealed.

Adam Grimes and Carrie Southworth from GH: Night Shift showed up together as a very popular duo of the evening. We hear Grimes has a big commercial airing in Germany that is bringing in some good bucks for the talented actor. Its been a whole year since I met Adam at the original SITC event. iI was great to see him and to meet Carrie. Oh Kyle and Claire, how we miss ya!

Soapers and ex-soapers, Patrika Darbo, Amanda Baker, Matt Borlenghi, Taylor Spreitler, Lexi Ainsworth were also in attendance.

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