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0 October 22nd, 2009 ATWT Lynn Herring exit interview!

For the last three months soap fans have had the opportunity to watch one of the most popular soap actresses of all-time Lynn Herring strut her stuff as Henry’s grifter mamma, Audrey Coleman on As the World Turns. Chewing the scenery has never been a problem for Lynn who for years did it that day in and day out as Lucy Coe on General Hospital. Many interviews surfaced over her return to soaps for this three month stint with ATWT. But, On-Air On-Soaps spoke to Herring about how she felt about the guest starring stint, now that it is over, and to get her take on the state of the “new” way of producing soaps, with severe budgetary constraints and the impact it has on the actors, fans, and the production crews as well.

In this exit interview, Lynn and I discuss the great on-screen rivalry between her, Audrey, and Colleen Zenk Pinter.’s, Barbara. She reveals that indeed the funeral scene where the two gals have a true soapalicious catfight was her favorite moment of her whole Oakdale experience. Of course, one of the “suspend belief ” hurdles the actress had to overcome was that Audrey was a very young mother when she gave birth to her son, Henry Coleman (played by Trent Dawson). So having Trent as you on-screen son could have presented a challenge, but Herring admits that the two have such similar acting styles, that you believe that Henry could be Audrey’s son.

Lynn who is a rancher by day with her hubby, actor Wayne Northrop (Ex-Roman, DAYS) up in Northern California is back on the ranch doing her chores now. But she says, a return to daytime and soaps in another short term role, would be of interest. And then of course, there is that question mark: Will she ever get the chance to reprise her most recogizable role as Lucy Coe from GH and PC? Right now, the actress says, the show is going in such a different direction that Lucy probably would not fit into the canvas, but she tells me she would love a return as Lucy.

Read the entire interview transcript with Lynn!

It was great to speak to Lynn again, as she is not often in my soap orbit these days. I am sure its our, “Farewell…For Now” interview, but we will see her light up our daytime screens again in the future. Let’s hope it doesn’t take another six years though to get her away from the horses and the cows!

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