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0 June 17th, 2009 Bye Bye Mrs. McBain – A Tribute to Kathy Brier

Thank goodness Marcie McBain had a happy ending! On today’s episode of One Life to Live, as Marcie and Michael prepared to leave Llanview for their new life in Seattle, Marcie took a home pregnancy test and voila’, she is preggars, too! It has been quite the ride for actress Kathy Brier, who from her beginning appearances back in 2002 stole our hearts. There was something unique and special about this actress and this character that obviously struck a chord with the writers and producers of the show, and most importantly the fans. Kathy’s performances have left quite a long lasting impression and she will be sorely missed. Today was the last air show for her. Chris Stack (Michael) will be back for a few wrap-up episodes, it was just announced today, in regards to the Shane donor storyline, but Kathy is gone.

When we first met Marcie Walsh she was best friends with Jennifer Rappaport. And in the name of friendship Marcie even changed her bff ‘s Jen’s sonogram. Probably that was a hint of what was to come, that Marcie would do whatever was necessary to protect those that she loved. Later she met Al Holden, (played by Nathanial Marston) who later developed a drug habit. (Interesting that Mr. Marston later would seem to have a problem in real-life, as well) Eventually their romance would blossom until its tragic end and Al died. After the outrage from fans over the killing of one half of the popular duo, the show deciced to bring back Marston by having the spirit of Al go into the body of hardened, bitter doctor Michael McBain. On Valentine’s Day, Al made Marcie realize then when she looked into Michael’ eyes’s she saw Al. Therefore Michael would have his soul. Many remember the fantastic and touching performances by Brier, when she realized the love of her life is still around her, and she has a second chance on love.

Marcie also was a novelist, who wrote “The Killing Club” only to have people die around her because of it! We also learned that Marcie stood up for her gay brother, Eric, when the rest of her family would not accept him. That made us all lover her even more. And later Marcie became a school teacher at Llanview High helping students learn English, a natural transistion for her ( love of children and literature).

In 2006, Michael and Marcie wed and adopted little Tommy, and that little one turned out to be the catalyst in which Brier gave her bravura, tour-de-force performances. When Spencer Truman was found dead, and half the town found out the terrible secret that Tommy was indeed the son of Todd Manning, and as this was coming to light, Marcie learned she could not have anymore children, it was quite the emotional set-up. After Todd was eventually awarded custody, Marcie fled with Tommy back in October of 2007. And as Marcie went on the run, Brier turned in unbelievable performances one after the other. We felt the terrible pain and panic of a woman who wanted to hold on to her child so bad. Marcie ran all the way to Paris, Texas and landed at the Bon Jour Cafe’ where wouldn’t you know? Viki Davidson was hiding out as well. Eventually, in episodes of tremendous angst, Marcie held Viki hostage and Brier and Erika Slezak turned in Emmy worthy performances. After being arrested and serving community service, Marcie was eventually allowed to go on with her life, sans child.

But “OLTL” head writer, Ron Carlivati and crew had another angle brewing. Starr was pregnant and Marcie had her child ripped away from her by the righful father, Todd. Starr felt guilty, and being a teen, did not want at the time to raise her baby. So she intended on giving the baby to Marcie… until, that fateful night in the hospital when Jessica as Bess switched dead Chloe for baby, Hope. Over the past year we as the audience have watched each beat of the story play out. How amazing have the last few weeks been? Marcie gets back baby Hope, only to realize that the baby does belong to its righful mother, Starr. In tender scenes this week, Marcie gives Starr her realized wish…to raise her baby girl. In a selfless and respectable act, she returns the baby and rips up the adoption papers. Marcie realizes what she has with her husband, Michael ( whom she almost lost through her baby dramas) and gets ready to start a new life in Seattle. And now, Marcie and Michael will have a baby of their own.

So many fans wish Kathy and Chris were not written off the show. But, you can still catch Kathy performing with Kassie DePaiva and Bobbie Eakes in their trio, “The Divas of Daytime”. I know its no consolation, but you can still hear her singing her heart out, and what a voice that girl has! Kathy, thank you for hours and hours of beautiful performances. I, for one will miss you, and I bet I am not the only one! We hope we have not seen the last of you on daytime, and look forward to your next success!

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