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“Y&R’s” Michelle Stafford and Peter Bergman top this Friday’s power performances of the week. These two top soap vets, proved once again why they are forces to be reckoned within the daytime landscape. Let’s start with Michelle. As Phyllis, a wife desperately trying to hold on to her husband…her man..fighting against a force known as “Sharon”, Michelle delivered scenes that were instilled with such deep emotional depth and truth. How refreshing was it to see Phyllis finally lay the law down to Nick and ultimately giving him an ultimatum on their marriage. This past week Michelle’s scenes not only with Joshua Morrow, but Peter Bergman were electrfying and let it be said, that no other daytime actess, could pull this off with such reality, conviction, and such sadness! Hankies!!! Kudos Michelle!

Peter Bergman has absolutely knocked my socks off, not only on Friday’s “Y&R” cliffhanger, but all through last week. Here’s why: Jack finding out about his brother, Billy was shacking-up with Sharon, and that he or Billy or Nick could be the father of Sharon’s baby. Then trying to get a second chance with Sharon, realizing that he is the most imperfect man, with so many flaws. Bergman proved he has still got “it”. Personally I have alwaus felt that over time the character of Jack had become a wimp in many ways with his handling of his relationships with women, and his family, and his business machinations. Thank God, Bergman had some good scenes to sink his teeth into, and played them for all they were worth.

Congrats to both for making the most interesting and excited quadrangle on soaps even more so!

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