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0 October 4th, 2009 Jeff & Jordan The Big Brother B&B Video Interviews

As previously mentioned, I had the opportunity to sit down with Big Brother season 11 winner, Jordan Lloyd, and America’s Favorite Houseguest, Jeff Schroeder on the set of their recent taping for their upcoming appearance on the Daytime Emmy Award winning drama series, The Bold and the Beautiful. And while the episode does not air till October 27th, the three of us sat down inside a dressing room on the soundstage of CBS for a chit chat.

In Part One of our video interview…..
*Jeff and Jordan talk about being nervous on their acting debut on a soap.
*Being locked inside a house with a bunch of strangers on Big Brother.
*Jordan being the $500,000 winner, and if she will be Jeff’s Sugar Mama!
*Did Jordan think she was going to win in the finale?

In Part Two of our video interview….
* Jeff and Jordan discuss hitting it off in the house and being disliked by others.
* Was there a specific strategy to how they were going to survive in the game?
* Their mutual attraction.

In Part Three of our video interview….
* Jordan and Jeff discuss what it was it like knowing they were being watched on “After Dark”.
* Jeff’s now famous misprounciation of ‘coup de’tat’
* And will the twosome be Hawaii bound? Since Jeff won a trip to Hawaii on Big Brother?

To view all three of the videos go to the Media Gallery on this website and click on the first three videos in the player! You can go straight to it by clicking below! http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/_bin/mediaGallery.cfm

Make sure to tune in to CBS on Tuesday October 27th to see the very special and important scene of Jeff and Jordan’s, and how it impacts a current storyline and its characters on The Bold and the Beautiful!

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