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0 May 28th, 2009 NEW INTERVIEW DAYS Nadia Bjorlin & Shawn Christian

The steamiest couple in daytime finally speaks in this revealing, entertaining, and hilarious interview feature. DANLOE fans have wanted to hear from the couple they have been rooting for…a couple that against all odds seems to be winning over viewers, even though there has been some cheatin’ go round. But Chloe and Daniel better watch their backs. Lucas is beginning to remember what happened the night of his accident, Kate is weaving a tangled web and setting out to destroy both her former lover Daniel, and her daughter-in-law Chloe and what she is about to do next brings the meaning of “revenge” to a whole new level.

I have always loved talking with Nadia. She is one of the most honest and fun people I have had the pleasure of interviewing with during my long career in soaps. It’s amazing that a woman that looks like she does.. a knockout,…can also have personality with A+, but Nadia has it all.

And not to be outdone, Mr. Shawn Christian, another stunner, who not only is good-looking, but charming and witty and a dedicated performer. As I had reported months ago, Shawn will always be my “earthquake” buddy, as we conducted our first interview together, when he first appeared on “DAYS” while the earth was moving and shaking here in Southern California.

Make sure to read the transcript and listen to the audio feature of our interview in its entirety. I got the biggest kick out of this interview and I hope you will too. Go to the Global, “New This Month” area of the site or click the link here: http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/article/articleItem.cfm?cms_article_id=98

And if you are in the Southern California area this weekend, and want to hang out with the hottest stars from “DAYS”, make sure to go to Nadia’s event for The Leukemia and Lymphona Society for more information log on to http://dayscharityevents.com

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