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0 June 12th, 2009 NEW INTERVIEW: “GH’s” Michael…Drew Garrett!

What happens when you awaken from a coma that you have been in for more than a year, and don’t know what went on during the time you were not with the living? Not to mention how you got there? That’s part of the issue facing General Hospital’s Michael Corinthos. Now, the son of Sonny and Carly (AJ Q is his biological father) is lashing out and losing control at any given moment. Did something go wrong with Patrick’s miracle surgery or is it just a case of scrambled brain cells that will eventually heal and allow the real Michael to emerge?

Drew Garrett had won raves, and has impressed the pants off of all of us in the last few weeks. This newcomer is showing soapers why he is the man for the job to play one of the most important and sought after roles in daytime. From his first moments where he awoke from his coma, to his subsequent frustration and sadness at his plight, Drew has taken all of us on an emotionally filled journey.

How ironic it is that Jason Morgan (who himself has an altered brain!) is becoming the person who Michael feels most comfortable with, especially since it was Jason who raised Michael in his very early years. Don’t forget…then there’s Claudia’s machinations going on. She is constantly trying to ingratiate herself into the boys life, all the while knowing she is responsible for his shooting that put him in the coma in the first place!

Drew tells me that coming up to expect plenty of rock em, sock em moments ahead for the troubled, yet sensitive Michael. Some, involving his newly SORAS’d sister, Kristina.

To step in and hold your own with the likes of Maurice Benard (Sonny), Laura Wright (Carly), Sarah Brown (Claudia) and Steve Burton (Jason) would be intimidating for any young actor. In our interview Drew, tells me he was intimidated, but it has all been beyond exciting.

We are so pleased at On-Air On-Soaps to bring you one of the first interviews with Drew. Please make sure to listen to the audio feature above the transcript, too, to hear Drew in his own word.

Go to the “Global” New This Month area of this website or click below to straight to Drew’s interview!http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/article/articleItem.cfm?cms_article_id=101

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