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0 June 5th, 2009 NEW INTERVIEW: “GH’s” Nancy Lee Grahn!

Alexis just got a SORAS’d teenage daughter on today’s episode of General Hospital, and Nancy Lee Grahn comes to On-Air On-Soaps to discuss life in Port Charles! The sensational, dynamic actress is about to become involved in several mysterious and interesting storyline arcs, and fans of the Daytime Emmy award winning actress could not be more thrilled!

But what would a conversation with Nancy be without some enlightening controversary? Nancy tells me her true feelings on the flawed Daytime Emmy voting process, and her feelings on the political climate in Washington. She then clears the air that she does have an open door policy with “GH” head writer, Bob Guza, but she never tells him what or how to write Alexis, as that is his job not hers. In the past, it has been no secret that Nancy has taken issue with several of the choices that the powers-that-be may have had for legal eagle, Alexis Davis.

And what of some “love in the afternoon” for our uptight Ms. Davis? We look at the men on the PC canvas, but Nancy tells me, she thinks Sonny and Alexis was her alter ego’s best match.

I have always enjoyed talking with Nancy. She makes me laugh, she makes me think, she keeps me on my toes and I feel a nice connection with her. Our professional friendship goes back many, many years. Yes, even to her days on “Santa Barbara”! (we chat about that, too!)

Make sure to read the entire transcript and the adjoining audio feature now live in the “Global”, New This Month area of my website. To go directly to Nancy click here: http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/article/articleItem.cfm?cms_article_id=99

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