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0 June 26th, 2009 NEW INTERVIEW: “OLTL’s” John-Paul Lavoisier!

What’s a guy to do? His girlfriend sleeps with her sorta-ex beau Brody, not knowing that along she was being blackmailed by her Vegas stripping evil sister, whom you know have a fateful dalliance with,….only to find out that you were being duped all along! That’s the predicament Llanviews’s Rex Balsom finds himself in key episodes yesterday, today and this coming Monday.

So we went to one of daytime’s most talented young actors, John Paul Lavoisier for all the scoop, on how he has handled playing the misled and sometimes ignorant Rex. John-Paul or JP as he is known by his pals, fills me in on playing the beats of the storyline that has been frustrating Gigi and Rex fans and long time One Life for months! Stacy must be stopped, and JP tells me she’s going to finally get what’s coming to her.

And what about the mysterious bag of blood, the real donor for Shane’s bone marrow transplant, and the reveal of who is really Rex’s biological father? We touch on that, too. Being a long-time admirer of scenes between Robert S. Woods (Bo) and JP’s, I wanted to know if he felt the same. Great news, he does. You can read all about it.

As many soapers know JP is also romantically linked with his co-star Farah Fath (Gigi), and he details the story of how they met, and how it was love at first sight.

Funny, witty, and charming are just some of the adjectives used to describe JP. Make sure to listen to him on the audio feature on top of the transcript. His interview is now posted live in the “Global” New This Month area of this website or click here to go directly to it!


John-Paul is also my guest in upcoming “Soap Breaks” airing in July on XM 24 The Pink Channel, so you can catch him there, too.

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