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0 September 17th, 2009 NEW Interview with Crystal Chappell in Global!

It’s less than 24 hours before the finale of Guiding Light, and my gift to the fans of the show, is this wonderful brand new interview conducted just the other day with the amazing Ms. Chappell. As many of us grieve the loss of Otalia and Olivia Spencer from our daily viewing, Crystal is got so much goin on, that we will continue to see her amazing talents and, If I might add, she is truly the genre’s current supa’ star!

Take a look back at Otalia’s best and worst moments with Crystal and me. I do get her take on the final days of shooting and her excitement and sadness to see tomorrow’s finale episode which includes all of her former cast mates and friends. And of course, we talk about her on-screen partner, Jessca Leccia and the wonderful partnership that set up quite the little media frenzy and a fan base seldom seen in the soap world!

With Crystal there is so much to talk about, so in this jam-packed interview we touch on it all…kisses that never happened, kisses that will happen, what happened to her the night of the Daytime Emmys during the GL Tribute, coming back to DAYS as Carly and what to expect in Carly’s quite messed up future. Then we go move on to “Venice” the highly anticipated and touted web series launching this November. She gives me the lowdown on who is playing a lesbian and who isn’t? You know the important information and much more.

I am thrilled that Crystal carved out some time for us to chat and bring you this interview before tomorrow’s finale.. You can hear audio portions of this interview by clicking on the blue audio player link above the transcript. To go to the interview go to the “Global” New This Month section of this website, or click below to go directly to it http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/article/articleItem.cfm?cms_article_id=117

I would love to start a thread here from Crystal’s fans and get their final thoughts on “GL “and more on Crystal’s newest endeavors. So please log in here in the Blog section and submit your post!

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PS – Get your hankies out for “GL” tomorrow!

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