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0 August 11th, 2009 NEW : Interview with “Y&R’s” Sean Kanan!

He’s baaaack! Daytime’s baddest bad boy takes another turn at playing one of soaps most dispicable guys around…Deacon Sharpe. This time though, Deacon has arrived in Genoa City and causing a mess for his “supposed” beloved Amber, played by Adrienne Frantz. With a new lease on his soap life, actor Sean Kanan talks candidly in this interview about the ups and downs of his acting career, landing the gig at “Y&R”, and why it’s so easy to slip into Deacon’s skin.

As many know, Sean has some trouble with the law with a DUI and a mishandled court appearance that hit the news and the internet. He eventually landed squarely on his feet, This time, Sean regained his life back on his terms and forged ahead trying to get another chance in the soap world, and he did!

After an eventful meal with “Y&R’s” head honcho Paul Rauch, the door was left open to see if something could potentially be worked out. Well, it did !Now “Y&R” viewers are wondering along with Sean. “What is the next beat in his story?”

With controversy sure to follow him, Kanan this time aroused it for Deacon’s actions against Amber, when he aggressively made her have sex with him. These scenes for many were one step away from rape. The actor tells his side of the making of those difficult and tricky scenes.

Sean is also involved in “Camera Cafe” a new web series being launched in the next few months from a very well known man about town…Antonio Banderas. He details the experience and more.

You can hear Sean in his own words by clicking on the blue audio link above his feature interview transcript. To view the Sean Kanan interview, go to the “Global” New This Month area of the website or simply click here:


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