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0 July 2nd, 2009 NEW INTERVIEW: “Y&R’s” Stacy Haiduk!

Today is the day that we finally get a glimpse into Mary Jane Benson’s past, in the long awaited highly anticipated dream sequence of Mary Jane’s as a young Patty Williams. Actress Stacy Haiduk has been turning in top notch performances as whack-job Mary Jane Benson (AKA Patty) who has an ax to grind with many of the citizens of Genoa City, including her obsession with Jack Abbott! Stacy’s co-star is Mr. Kitty… a dead stuffed taxidermal cat that in a key episode this week, Victor Newman found hidden in her hotel room.

But let’s not forget this woman is certiafiable, Last week, she gave little Summer Newman the allergy attack of her young life, by kissing her on the lips with remnants of a peanut butter cookie. Who can forget her killing a bird, when she saw Jack and Phyllis rolling around together, while standing outside in a severe and creepy thunderstorm? What’s next?

On today’s episode of “Y&R” and heading into the few weeks, all hell seems to break loose where Mary Jane is concerned. Stacy fills me in, and then some!

Make sure to listen to the audio feature at the top of Stacy’s interview and read the full transcript in the “Global” New This Month area of this website or click here to go directly to Stacy and Mr. Kitty!


Enjoy Stacy!

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