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0 June 27th, 2009 Peanut Butter Kisses and Adam’s duplicity on “Y&R”

Peanut Butter kisses sending a little girl into anaphylactic shock, same-sex innuendos leading a gay man to believe his assumed “straight” client is “in” to him, are just some of the off-beat storytelling, from Friday’s cliffhanger episode that is making The Young and the Restless can’t miss shocking daytime soap fare. But, Oh brother! When Mary Jane “whacko” Benson took the peanut butter cookies out of the trash, that Phyllis had previously thrown away to keep her daughter, Summer from eating them, because… she is allergic to peanuts, you knew she was going to do something horrific. Her goal? To bring Nick and Phyllis back together, so Jack will not be a threat to her insane plan to have revenge and have him all to herself, and keep him away from Phyllis! So, when MJ eats the cookies, and then kisses Summer on the lips as she leaves the office, I went, “Wow! Y&R” is getting really eery! First, we have all of Adam’s machinations, duplicity, and don’t forget his claim, that the in-mates at the prison were sticking hypodermic needles in his eyeballs, which caused his blindness. Who came up with that one? It’s pretty twisted. But riveting.

Making this all the more twisted was newcomer Michael Muhney monologue, after stepping into the role of Adam on Thursday episode, and in a scene on yesterday’s airshow looking at a picture of his blind and dead mother, Hope exclaiming “I am twisted, I am the bad side of my father….” You got that right. And then the piece de’ resistance, that we have all waited for, for weeks,…the play that Adam makes on Rafe, which is rumored to be the scenes,that caused Chris Engen to walk-out on his pivotal role. Subsequent reports and murmurs have since surfaced that “homophobia” had nothing to do with this decision to leave, just the sick nature of Adam’s gas-lighting of Ashley, et all. And when you look at everything Adam has done, it is god-awful.

I have to hand it to Michael Muhney for doing his best to to jump right into a role that Chris Engen had been turning in knock-out performances one after the other, week in and week out. That is not easy to do. But in his first few episodes Muhney did good. He, of course, is a much taller version of Adam 1.0. So we have to suspend belief. Perhaps the needles in Adam’s eyes also caused growth spurts!

So heading into Monday, just as Nick and Sharon were going to jump for joy over the news that Sharon is caring Nick’s baby, and Cassie’s premonition was right along, all hell will break loose, Thanks a lot Mary Jane Benson!

And I am sure you all have heard the rest of this tangled quandrangle mess, in upcoming spoilers, so I won’t go into it here. But stay tuned, “Y&R” keeps coming up with more twisted and inventive plot twists, that have clearly cemented its place as the number one soap in daytime.

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