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0 September 30th, 2009 ‘Quickie’ interview with AMC’s Ricky Paull Goldin!

With AMC set to move west in a few months, I caught up with one of my favorite’s Ricky Paull Goldin at the Daytime Emmys a few weeks back. Ricky and I got the opportunity to talk about the significant changes that have occured in the daytime landscape, both of which hit Ricky Paull pretty hard. First , the shocking news that AMC was indeed moving lock, stock and barrel from its home base in NYC to LA, and second, watching the demise of the longest running soap, Guiding Light. Ricky does admit he is a deep fondness for his Springfield role of Gus Aituro.

I had to ask Ricky what he thought of the fashion show segment in which he appeared on the Emmy telecast with his AMC screen partner, Chrishell Stause,(who appeared scandily clad in Bikini). Not only does he talk about Chrishell and the bikini, but also her status with the series. The Emmys also gave Ricky some closure with his GL co-horts… as for one last time that evening, they were all gathered together.

Ricky’s, Jake Martin on AMC has been front and center in recent months deeply embattled with Vince Irizzary’s, David Hayward over Amanda and the baby! In recent episodes it has given Ricky great beats to play. So will he be moving west with the show to continue the now meaty role? Now that Beth Ehlers is out of the series, (from all reports) it would mean that if Chrishell leaves AMC in January and Ricky stays, who could be the next lady love for Jake?

To read the ‘quickie ‘transcript and to hear the audio of our interview in Ricky Paull’s own words, go to the Global “New This Month” area of the website, or go below and click on the link to go straight to it!


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