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6 December 24th, 2009 Review: GH and OLTL’s nifty Christmas episodes!

SpinellixmasTis the season for some fuzzy warm soap feelings with the characters and the families we watch and follow day in and day out throughout the year.  Yesterday’s Christmas episodes of General Hospital and One Life to Live both delivered moving and memorable moments that tugged on your heartstrings, made you smile and perhaps, shed a small tear.

Let’s start with General Hospital. I absolutely loved this episode.  It was well-crafted, and had the emotion and joy of the season wrapped up in a nice bow.  Kudos to first, Spixie - Spinelli and Maxie, played by Kirsten Storms and Bradford Anderson.  The sadness on both Maxie and Spinelli’s faces trying to get past her infidelity to “Franco”, so they could be together for Christmas was beautifully performed.   Their stand alone moment in the montage ( see Video of the Day on Dec 24) when they hold hands – share a kiss and hug, was enough to make any fan of the show get ‘misty’.

carjaxThen who could not laugh at Laura Wright’s, Carly?  It was so nice to see Carly being her mischievious self even when it comes to desperately trying to find Jax’s present for her before Christmas, and even going so far as trying to trick and eek the info out of her little son, Morgan.  And how adorable was little baby Jocelyn dressed in her little Santa outfit! Smiles!   The Jacks family looked really, really, cute together, if I do say so myself.   Over at the Drake’s house, Patrick just wanted some private time with his girls, Robin and baby Emma, and even though Mac showed up for a second, he still got this wish, somewhat.  We got to see the doting father concerned that the Christmas tree might fall on the little one, so he nailed it to the floor!  It was nice, for once, to see Patrick and Robin…happy!

drakesThen, we come to Alexis and Mac, who again are pushed together by their friends and family,and share a moment under the mistletoe.  But when it comes to sentimentality you go to your key aces in the hole- Jonathan Jackson (Lucky) and Tony Geary (Luke).  Lucky asked for one thing for the holiday, and that was to have his dad with his family.  ”I’m not expecting a big miracle, just a small one.  Just my dad.  With me.  On Christmas day.  That would really make me happy.”   Hankies!  Then, an excited Lulu stood by the tree with the family ‘angel,’ and as Lucky and Luke returned home together, Lucky put the ‘angel’ on top of the tree.   And for one moment, we got all the Spencers, sans the MIA Laura, in one room!   The greatest part of this episode was the endearing and moving musical montage at the end , which some of these moments above were encapsulated in.   It was one of the best montages for Christmas I had seen in awhile, ( See again, today’s Video of the Day!)

christmas spencersMoving over to Llanview, the opening set-up was also great,  but One Life, the original show that it is, put their musical montage at the beginning, where you would think it would use this vehicle at the end.  And through that, the show took us on a ride not knowing who would end up with who for the holidays , and the real scrooge of Christmas, Mitch Laurence destroying Dorian’s Christmas with her beloved Cramer girls.   After all, he sent a cuckoo-clock with a threat, and poisoned the egg nog.  And that is for starters!

MatthewHow I love Trevor St. John’s, Todd coming to Tea’s hotel room with a gift, upset over Dani, and still in the end with just a small look invited Tea to spend Christmas with him and the boys.   But nothing topped the holiday miracle for Matthew Buchanan.   As Dani encouraged him to get out of his wheel chair to try and put one foot in front of the other and walk.   And walk he did!  Then that little heart tugger, Destiny shows up and is so happy for her beloved Matthew.   Of course, the end was the piece de’ resistance when Matthew showed his parents Bo and Nora he could walk.  Robert Woods face was right on point, and without saying a word was amazing.  And then Destini comes and leaves Matthew his present on his wheelchair.   Hankies!  Matthew got his Christmas gift.   But poor Charlie didn’t.   He’s still drinking and Viki is yet to know.   Well, I guess everyone can’t be happy on Christmas, but we can all take a moment and try.

To all soapers out there, we wish you a Merry Christmas from On-Air On-Soaps!

Till next time, Michael

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  1. Betsy Knapp says:

    Michael, Thank you for the lovely bouquet of words about GH’s Christmas Episode. I own and manage http://www.generalhospitalforfans.com and my members and I were so happy to see some smiles, some giggles, even the sadness between Spinelli and Maxie. Of course, the icing on the cake was Luke acccepting Lucky’s invitation to spend Christmas with Elizabeth and the boys. (Dark clouds seem to hang over Elizabeth.) I also thought Tuesday’s Episode at Sonny’s with Sonny, Olivia and Dante cooled some of the Mob hysteria and made me wish the three of them had more scenes together. And, finally, how about that Molly? It’s difficult to believe that she’s a product of Alexis Davis and Ric Lansing. LOL!
    Happy Holidays!


  2. Eileen says:

    Love love love love LOVE ROBIN & PATRICK and their beautiful little girl Emma. :) They r the ONLY reason I tune into gh at all. PLZZZ tptb don’t screw them up they are PERFECT TOGETHER! Merry X-mas.


  3. Jana says:

    Guess Megan Ward was forgotten again this year! Fans love her!Need her back on contract.


  4. TREY says:

    The OLTL episode was absolutely GREAT!


  5. mas says:

    Boy does GH need Megan ward the Sonny&Olivia paring is soooo boring, she acts and sounds like the female Sonny, at leat with Megan , Maurice had SOME CLASS, also they were believable, I can only hope that Dante is not Sonny’s kid but the policeman he admired that would me a good way to get Sonny & Kate back and stop all this nonsense with Olivia which is overbearing.


  6. T Simmo says:

    I will be glad when Sonny finds out who Dante is. This story line has gone on long enough. I do like Johnny and Olivia together. I do not want to see Sonny and Olivia together.


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