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1 December 1st, 2009 Santa’s Soap Opera Helpers-BTS Hollywood XMAS Parade!

When I was invited to cover the red carpet arrivals for the Hollywood Christmas Parade, all I could think about was for years how I got the biggest kick out of Hollywood’s vision of a Christmas Parade.  It ain’t your Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, that’s for sure.   But this year, with Susan Lucci being the Grand Marshal what soaper could not drop everything and head over to the historic Roosevelt Hotel for some moments with the daytime legend and some other exciting notables from the soap world, plus a few extra favorite entertainers thrown in the mix.

Lesley Anne DownI absolutely adored B&B’s Lesley-Anne Down’s festive holiday outfit!  However her son, George was not so pleased with mommy’s choice.  I told young George, that his mother is one of the most beautiful women in the world, no matter what get-up she has on.  Anyway George and mom were going to be participating in car/float through the grandstands on Hollywood Blvd, and so were Lesley-Anne’s co-stars, Heather Tom and Jennifer Gareis.   Ms. Gareis attended with her parents, and one of the more memorable red carpet moments occured when I asked her dad and her mom, if they minded that their daughter was involved on-screen with more mature man – Eric Forrester played by John McCook.  They both said, “No. They love it”!  Kudos!

Heather TomHeather Tom always a soap star who brings holiday cheer discussed with me  the state of soaps and the state of the world and we head into the New Year.    The B&B actress is as smart as she is pretty.  Heather also revealed that she hopes that her on-screen alter ego of Katie will remain with Bill Spencer for awhile.  Something I warned the star just does not happen to often on B&B…they seem to have penchant for breaking up couples shortly after they get them together.  But hey, could KILL be the couple that has legs?

Gilles MariniI have to say when Gilles Marini the dashing star of Dancing with the Stars who makes everyone swoon when they are in a room, could not have been more gracious and charming.  You must hear the audio portion of my feature when his daughter, when asked if Dad was a good dad or a bad one, said, “Bad”!   Gilles so poised discussed dancing with Vanessa Williams, the host of the Daytime Emmys this year during the broadcast, and his upcoming appearances on Brothers & Sisters.  Another charmer, Antonio Sabato Jr. and I chatted for a bit about whether or not the popular soap stud would return to GH.  He said, “If he was to go back to daytime, that is where he would love to go. ”   Antonio also has found new love with his galpal Cheryl who I met on the carpet.

Susan LucciOf course all eyes were on Susan Lucci when she made her way through the sea of reporters on the red carpet.  In our brief conversation, Susan told me that AMC is winding down in the next two weeek in New York and it will be sad to say goodbye to so many of the longtime crew members and behind-the-scenes personnal who she has worked with for nearly 40 years.    But On-Air On-Soaps did learn that Walt Willey will be back to make the Greenlee/Ryan/Erica triangle, perhaps a quandrangle?  Stay tuned.

SabatoY&R’s Jeanne Cooper popped by so fast, but I did get a bit of news from her that indeed Katherine has major story coming in 2010 and when I suggested would it be about finding her long lost daughter, she intimated that perhaps it wasn’t a daughter! OOH!

Make sure to read all the interviews and hear selected audio bytes by going to the Hollywood Christmas Parade Interviews!

Till next time,  Ho-Ho-Ho!

Santa Michael

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