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0 July 25th, 2009 STEVE BURTON and the GH Video Interviews!

Soap superstar, the elusive Steve Burton chatted with me last weekend at the GH Fan Club Weekend. You can see the two-part video interview in the special section of the site, titled “Take Me to the GH Fan Club Weekend 2009″.

I wanted to speak to the winner of Best Actor as voted on by the legions of fans of “GH” about the state of “GH”–declining ratings, as the show is at an all-time low. Steve is quick to point out they still maintain important demographic rankings. I met many concerned fans over the weekend who are trying to figure out how to get their favorite soap on track. Steve suggests everyone should stay tuned. The lesding actor does reveal that he met with “GH” head writer, Bob Guza and there is major new story planned for Jason, and that Jason’s love life will also, finally…. heat up. Many know that soap star sare taking budget cuts, and Burton confirmed that the stars of his show had to do so as well. We also shared a few chuckles, which will see on the interview.

For me, personally, it was great to see Steve again. We have known each other from both being in the business for many, many years. And I will never, ever forget, the night he won the Daytime Emmy for Outstanding Supporting Actor. I just gone through a long 10 month recovery from a spinal fusion and I was sitting in the press room, and he came down from the podium immediately after finishing up with the press room questions and took the time on his extremely busy night, to see how I was doing. He showed me at that time, as he done before, that he was class act.

Carolyn Hennesy also gave some interesting insight into what could be next for legal eagle Diane. She told me that signs could be pointing to that Diane could be revealed to be Spinelli’s mom! Make sure to check out Part 1 and Part 2 of her interview as well.

Then Daytime Emmy darlings, Bradford Anderson and Kirsten Storms, talk about Spinelli and Maxie’s night of passion and the upcoming big night… Yes, I did ask, “What are you going to wear?” Check out their answers.

Laura Wright discusses who can’t save themselves and would need Carly’s help. Is it Sonny, Jax or Jason? I think we know the answer.

Make sure to check out all the cast interviews, go to:


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