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0 October 7th, 2009 The Scott and Melissa Reeves Interview!

They were the darlings of the soap world in the 90′s, soap cutest couple, who packed up their bags with their two children in tow and left sunny Southern California, for Music City, USA…Nashville, Tennesse. With the next phase in Scott’s career upon him, (after being “killed off ” of Y&R as Ryan McNeil, in one of soaps saddest exits) he formed the country band, Blue County with his then partner, Aaron Benward. After scoring some chart-toppers, the duo went there seperate ways, but began writing and producing for Missy and Scott’s now teenage daughter, Emily!

But what of everyone’s favorite Salem heroine, Jennifer Horton Deveraux, played for decades so honestly by Melissa Reeves? Well, why she tells me a return to DAYS would never be out of the question, she is happy down in Nashville being a mom and living a southern lifestyle. But you never know? With Crystal Chappell returning to the DAYS fold, would DAYS consider bringing back any other faves?

So what is this cute, fun, entertaining, soap fan favorite couple tackling next in their careers? Scott and Missy are about to host their own radio show combining soaps and country music! The Scott and Melissa Reeves show looks to make radio broadcasters take note and listen. The duo will bring the mass appeal of country and soaps to a rabid audience who follow both genres.

In this exclusive interview, Scott and Melissa talk about what to expect on their new show, and their time on the soaps. We take a brief stroll down memory lane to get some inside gems on DAYS super couple Jack and Jennifer’s romance, and Missy talks about her former leading man, Matt Ashford.

To listen to the complete audio interview and to read the transcript, go to the Global: “New This Month” section of this website or to go directly to it, click here! http://michaelfairmansoaps.com/article/articleItem.cfm?cms_article_id=119

It was fun catching up with the duo during this interview. I have known Scott and Melissa for so many years, way before my days at SoapCity.com,. And during my time with the website and its soap owned properties, Y&R and DAYS, I got the opportunity to get to know them much better. I can honestly say, they are the real deal: happy couple, good people.

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