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0 November 17th, 2009 Two slaps heard around Salem -Sami socks Nicole!

It lived up to the hype, and it was one of the most dramatic soap opera showdowns in years. I am talking about yesterday’s episode of Days of our Lives when Sami finally let Nicole “have it” for her duplicity and lies of switching Sami’s baby at birth and taking it for her own. In all of the years of Alison Sweeney’s performances as Sami Brady never have I seen the actress step up to the plate and deliver such powerhouse moments. The emotional pain, anger, betrayal, hurt and suffering that Sweeney showed in these long awaited scenes could have been anticlimatic, but they weren’t. It was a tour de force. Ali already broke our hearts a few months back when baby Grace died, and it looks now that Sweeney has some strong material to be a contender for this year’s Daytime Emmys.

As far Arianne Zuker, well what can one say? She has carried the burden and the weight of this storyline for almost a year and done it magnifcently. Zuker went toe to toe with Sweeney once Nicole realized that Sami and Rafe have caught her in her web of deceit. When Sami slapped Nicole not once but twice, and demanded she say the words, “Sydney is Sami’s baby” it was a powerful moment that will be remembered in the long history of DAYS sensational story plot points.

The aftermath and the realization by Nicole that she is now a caged-animal trapped by her own lies and machinations and has nothing to lose was must see TV. So, she loses all sense of reality and decides she is going to keep her precious Sydney. This reveal made the final moments of this episode all the more riveting. Nicole tells Sami, she will never give her Sydney or give up Sydney. Next, enter Rafe with the baby and the perfecto delivery by Sweeney as Sami sees her Sydney from a different and loving perspective for the first time; as biological mother and child. It was a five star moment.

Thank you DAYS for giving us an episode worth the wait! Can’t wait for EJ and Mia and everyone else to find out what Nicole really did and how the fallout continues.

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