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0 August 23rd, 2009 “Y&R’s” Doug Davidson’s OMG moment!

If anyone missed Friday’s “Y&R” which featured the most amazing soap moment I have seen in years, you better watch it online, fast. Doug Davidson the show’s veteran stalwart, came through with a gut-wretching memorable performance as Paul. f It all unraveled the moment Paul found out that whacko Mary Jane Benson is indeed his, “Patty Cakes”. In the OMG moment of the soap season, Davidson delivered the shock, sadness, horror, and the madness of finding out his beloved little sister has altered her face, and become a woman who would harm animals, children and anyone who gets in her way. In that moment, he realized his little sister Patty Williams, is one sick twisted bitch! Yet, now the real drama begins. Will he turn her in? Will he help her out? Will we get to the bottom of all this madness and torture?

I have to hand it to Davidson. He made me want to see the episode twice! Once, when it first aired ,and then I had to watch it all over again this weekend on Saturday Night’s In The City, the SOAPnet promotion to catch up on your week’s worth of “Y&R”. It is probably the defining acting moment of Davidson’s career, although…. I can’t wait to see the coming weeks. We hear it’s pretty soap-tastic.

Kudos to Doug, one of the nicest guys in the biz, for registering Paul’s reaction perfectly to a complex, tragic and horrific situation!

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