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November 16th, 2015  |  Leave a comment ( 8 ) Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn Interview – Day of DAYS 2015

Deidre Hall (Marlena) and Drake Hogestyn (John) chatted with Michael Fairman at Days of DAYS 2015 celebrating the iconic soap opera’s 50th anniversary.  Jarlena shared what happened at Drake’s original audition for his role on DAYS, and how Deidre revealed why he was the best man for the part. Plus, Deidre elaborates on her sentiments on the murder of the character of Will Horton, and how important Marlena was to the story as Will’s grandmother. The iconic supercouple shares their thoughts on DAYS big 5-0, and previews what’s ahead for the duo as John goes searching for his past!

  1. Mar says:

    Another wonderful interview. Thank You!!


  2. Linda says:

    Gosh, I love this interview so much! It is so nice to see Drake talking a lot more, usually he sits back and lets Deidre do most of the talking while he flashes his beautiful smile to the camera. I love how modest he is and that we have been graced with his talents since 1986! The best choice DAYS ever made was having him play a recast Roman, which has now turned into more than we could’ve ever dreamed, he is the best of the best!


  3. No1_ILoveLucyFan says:

    “It’s plastic cups, but I have real champagne.” LMAO!! Great interview, Michael!! XOXOXO


  4. Sara says:

    What a great interview..
    Dee and Drake are just awesome…
    I can watch them and never get tired…


  5. Sara says:

    Amazing interview.
    Dee and Drake are so cute..
    Love them so.


  6. Darlene Maley says:

    I and three of my friends flew from KY to be there for DOD. My friends went last year but this was two firsts for me, as I’ve never been to CA. DOD WAS AWESOME!!! I cried when Days theme song started. I and my friends have watched Days for 50 yrs. and so did our mothers, whom are all now deceased.
    We got there at 7:00 am to get a front row seat. All of the actors and actresses were soo beautiful and friendly. We were disappointed though at the no shows.
    Daniel, Jennifer, Bo, Hope, Victor, Stephano, Sami, Ej even though he supposedly died. We still had a wonderful, wonderful time!!


  7. Ces says:

    Iove dee and drake! Need to see more interesting story and keep drake around! Thank u Michael Fairman for these interviews!


  8. Linn says:

    Aw, the best ones! Thank you, as always, Michael! Love your interviews with them every year!


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