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November 17th, 2016  |  Leave a comment ( 4 ) Freddie Smith and Christopher Sean Interview – Day of DAYS 2016

Days of our Lives stars, Freddie Smith (Sonny) and Christopher Sean (Paul) chatted with Michael Fairman at Day of DAYS 2016. During their conversation, the debate raged on if their on screen coupling should retain the name “PaulSon” or should it now officially be “Soul”? Freddie talks about Sonny’s willingness to open up to the possibility of falling in love again, and with Paul, following the murder of his husband, Will.  In addition, Christopher and Freddie weigh-in on who they were rooting for in the recently concluded World Series (Cleveland fans will be happy to hear), their reaction to the presidential election, and much more.

  1. John Gordon says:

    Well, I enjoyed the Interview, but honestly they haven’t given Paul and Sonny anything much to do from my point of view. We get a hint every now and then that Sonny would like to get things going with Paul, but it doesn’t seem to take off from there. Then, Derrick is re-introduced as an obstacle for that but he is given very Spencer Neville is not given any lines to say, which is annoying. The show has a chance to do something innovative and different, but the writers shy away from it and instead, we are forever bombarded with the same old Demos and Nicole baby crap that just goes on and on. I want Sonny and Paul to have a GENUINE solid storyline, and I want another side of Derrick to come out, showing that he doesn’t appreciate just being used as a tool to make Sonny jealous – not that Paul has even DONE that but I’d like to see more layers revealed to their characters.


  2. Ray says:

    I think Freddie is the most under-used character on DOOL. He needs to drive a storyline, not necessarily with Paul. I still wish they could un-do Will’s death. I was not a fan of Guy Wilson’s portrayal, but the storyline was always interesting.


    ChandlerFan replied

    If Will’s character is revived (hopefully with Chandler Massey), I would like to see the writers delve into the completely overlooked issue of WHY Will was such a naturally good writer and computer programmer.

    The answer is that Will didn’t very much like the world around him, over which he had very little control, and in which he didn’t fit in an intrinsically important way that he couldn’t tell anyone.

    Both writing and computer programming allowed Will to create artificial worlds to his own liking, which he completely could control.

    This one topic alone could provide an entire season’s worth of interesting and meaningful material for Will’s character, as well as plenty of interaction with his psychiatrist grandmother.


    ed john replied

    I agree that Chandler would help if he got going with Freddie again.That pair was somehow magical for both actors and the fans. Does anyone think Chancler will ever return?Does DOOL hate him for leaving perhaps?

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