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May 7th, 2017  |  Leave a comment ( 1 ) Freddie Smith Interview – Days of our Lives – 44th Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet

Days of our Lives‘ Freddie Smith (Sonny Kiriakis) talks with Michael Fairman on the red carpet at the 44th Annual Daytime Emmy Awards. Freddie reveals that exciting material is ahead under new DAYS head writer, Ron Carlivati and he is working a lot on the NBC daytime drama series. He also gives advice and tips to the nominees in this year’s Outstanding Younger Actor in a Drama Series category, an award which he previously won, while his gal Alyssa Tabit films the entire interview from the side.

  1. JK says:

    As Sonny fan, I can’t really get excited about Sept/Oct which I know is about Will’s return. Dena is horrible writer. Her writing made most people hate Sonny. Everyone is all of sudden like FS is shit actor when they were liking him the first 4 years. As Sonny fan who wanted to see him written deal with Will’s death and this Demios guy taking over his family and PaulSon with subtle and depth didn’t get any of that. We get over the top mobster Sonny nonsense. PaulSon is none existent in the show. It never seems to pay off being fan of Sonny. Is why I gave up on this show.

    Now everyone is all CS/Paul is amazing and CM/Will getting goodwill, Ron is probably going to be hooking up Paul and Will. I don’t care. The best thing I can hope for is Sonny off the show. His sloppy seconds can have each other. I wish FS never came back to the show.


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