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November 13th, 2013  |  Leave a comment ( 12 ) Galen Gering, Lauren Koslow & Chrishell Stause Interview – Day of DAYS 2013

Days of our Lives Galen Gering (Rafe), Lauren Koslow (Kate), and Chrishell Stause (Jordan) chat with Michael Fairman at Day of DAYS 2013! Chrishell reveals if Jordan will wear more make-up soon! Lauren discusses Kate’s meddling and investigating into Jordan’s background. Galen gets busted by the gals when they discuss how much he enjoys having them push him around in Rafe’s wheelchair! And, the threesome previews their major story in the coming months!

  1. Keia says:

    I don’t like the character of Rafe, but I can admit that this was a VERY funny and fun interview!

    Great job Michael! :D


    GalenFAN replied

    Fun interview! Totally LOVE (Rafe) Galen!!!! I will always love SAFE but I’m excited to see what’s in store for Rafe in the coming months.


  2. Tiffany says:

    I LOVE the Rafe character, and I’m anxious to see more of this threesome, right now they are the only thing interesting happening on the show. I can’t wait for more of their story!


    Shirley Strickler replied

    I love these guys I hope for some real drama in the near future.


  3. heidi says:

    Another fun interview… Michael!!!


  4. Greta says:

    Great interview! I love Galen, he’s always so funny in these interviews and Rafe is my favorite on Days right now. I’m loving the chemistry between him and Jordan so far. I’m really curious about what she’s hiding.


  5. @thelandofkoz says:

    What a fun interview!!! Thanks for posting


  6. missellie says:

    I think this will be a lot of fun to see play out on screen. I like all three of these actors/characters!


  7. Marie says:

    Loved this interview and the interaction between the three. Galen is the reason I came back to days and can’t wait for his next romance and hopefully protective nature that Jordan seems to need


  8. Vicky says:

    Thanks for the interview! Love Rafe and Jordan’s SL. They ‘re the reason I still watch the show! We need some real romance on Days! Can’t wait for the story of Jordan’s past unfold! It sounds mysterious already from the phone calls she’s getting! Meanwhile, let’s get Rafe out of that wheelchair and walking. Want to see Jordan in her street clothes and without her glasses.


  9. Lily says:

    So excited to see where this story with Rafe and Jordan goes. It’s cool that there is a mystery tied into her past to keep us guessing. I love the cute chemistry we’ve seen developing and can’t wait for it to get HOT between them. They make a stunning couple even with Chrishell dressed down. I think Days is doing this one right!


  10. AliciaE says:

    Gotta say, I loved the look that Galen gave Lauren @ 2:13 when he said, “It’s definitely complex”. I hope that’s true because I’ve liked some of the Jordan/Rafe scenes, but it’s annoying to see him so oblivious about Kate. I hope the writers bring a bit of that “Wildcat fire” back into the mix here.


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