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November 14th, 2013  |  Leave a comment ( 21 ) Greg Vaughan and Arianne Zucker Interview – Day of DAYS 2013

Days of our Lives Greg Vaughan (Eric) and Arianne Zucker (Nicole) chat with Michael Fairman at Day of DAYS 2013! Greg reveals why the decision was made in the wedding episodes of Brady and Kristen to have the DVD playe twice which showed Father Eric having sex with Kristen! Of course, the wedding-goers did not know it was rape! In addition, Arianne and Greg discuss if Nicole will ever forgive Eric for believing she was the one in said video! Check out this fun and candid chat with two Salem favorites.

  1. JaneDigby says:

    I love these Greg and Air and I love Ericole. Thank you for another great interview, Michael.


  2. Eric_NicoleFan says:

    Awwww. I love this interview. Greg/Ari are so gorgeous! I need for Eric to be defrocked and for him to start chasing Nicole. Looking forward to their love story unfolding…………


    Shirley Strickler replied

    I agree, I want a great love story between Nicole and Eric.


  3. Eric_NicoleFan says:

    I love this interview! The actors have awesome chemistry and it shows in this video. I’m so ready for Ericole’slove story to unfold < 3.


  4. AliciaE says:

    It was great to hear Ari describe Nicole’s relationship with Daniel as friendship. I enjoy their hot cocoa and Candyland with Parker scenes, and I get that it makes Nicole happy to be near a child, but Daniel’s just not her guy. If Nicole starts to entertain thoughts of her and Daniel as possibly being a couple, I’ll be annoyed, but the upside would be a jealous Eric.
    Greg’s “Save the people!” comment cracked me up. I’m with you, Greg. Stop already with that movie. We got it! Give us more Ericole fantasies instead, thanks. Ready for the next twist on the journey for these characters. Their story is playing taffy pull with my heart and I love that. It’s what keeps me hooked on Days.
    Awesome interview!


  5. Emma says:

    Another great interview, look forward to seeing the story unfold.


  6. These_Eyes says:

    Ari and Greg are wonderful together. Loved Ari for years as an actor and as a person.And Greg has been outstanding during the reveal. He says so much with his eyes. Love these two together! Ericole is the story in 2014!! Ericole is the true new supercouple of Days!! Don’t blow it Days.


  7. These_Eyes says:

    Forgot to add that Greg has a lot to choose from for his Emmy reel and I think he has a excellent chance of winning. Ari has emmy worthy scenes every year and I think it’s time she won too. Wouldn’t it be great if both won and Days won best soap again for these scenes and May Sweeps scenes?


  8. Aurora says:

    Great interview! I love these two so much! Can’t wait to see Ericole be the next supercouple!


  9. Lisa Greenway says:

    Thanks Michael!!Greg and Ari have great chemistry,cant wait to see it enfold!!


  10. Jules says:

    Greg is just the most gorgeous specimen that may have ever walked the earth. He fits so well at DAYS, I’m delighted he found a role like this one at the show.

    And Ari has just always been a favourite of mine- her devotion to the show and her love of her character has always been apparent to me and appreciated. I think I may even cut my hair to her style. Love it!


  11. angelita says:

    I love Ericole and AZ/GV. They have such a good handle on the characters they play. I’m glad that the writers are taking their time with this story. We are getting so much more out of it being written this way than if they’d done a cheap ripoff of Thornbirds. I see the actors feel the same way.


  12. Lazydazes says:

    AZ/GV and Ericole make my DAYS. I simply love them! There is so much depth to the Ericole story, and I love how all the layers are being peeled away. Can’t wait for Eric to finally face his feelings and for him and Nicole to admit their love. Just great drama all around for these two!


  13. Judy says:

    Great interview with two AWESOME people. Both are Emmy worthy.Greg I’m so glad you are finally being where you should be in the “limelight”


  14. Stacy says:

    Yay!!!! Thank you Michael! Great Interview! So good! LOVE ERICOLE!!! Can’t wait to see what is coming up for ERICOLE and much more of them! Love that Eric is finally out of that priest collar and wardrobe, bad way for him to come out of it of course, but glad that he finally is. And maybe one day he’ll realize and see that while that was of course a great way to be and live his life, its just not the life for him really and truly. That his life is with Nicole and being with and loving her and having a family with the love of his life Nicole. And love that there seems to be a Daniel/Nicole/Eric dynamic starting and her & Daniel together again and that being thrown in there for these characters, especially on the cusp of her being angry with Eric, and Eric wanting to apologize to her and make it up to her for being so wrong about the situation. I’m glad that Nicole never had those other babies, that she lost them, and that things didn’t work there, b/c that was just all such the wrong situation for her, and not the right place for Nicole and not with the right people. It was just terrible and a terrible time on the show. Just wasn’t fitting or becoming of her and she didn’t belong there and wasn’t deserving of such things with the stunts and crap that she was doing and pulling. But now she’s finally with people and characters that she has actual and real history and connections to and with, like the love of her life Eric and Brady. And I never wanted her to have children or a family with anyone else besides Eric or Brady, but DEFINITELY with Eric. But she still has a long way to go and a lot to make up for, for the things she did while Eric was gone and the things she did to his very own family members and the terrible and selfish things she did to Eric’s nieces and nephews Johnny, Sydney, Allie, and Will. She did some terrible and selfish things to those children and their families, which is also Eric’s family. And she has to address that with him, apologize, and make up for that with him as well, because those are his nieces and nephews and his twin sister whose lives she played games with for her own misguided and selfish reasons, knowing full well that none of that was the life for her and that she didn’t belong there.

    Nicole has to address, apologize, and make up for a whole heap of a lot more with Eric than he has to make up with her. He’s just got this one thing here that just happened to him, and with so much wrong that Nicole has done to people, including Eric’s own family members, it wasn’t far fetched for him to think she could have been the culprit that did such things to him. She’s got a whole notepad full of things to apologize to Eric for and make up to him. Starting with the horrible and selfish things she did to his nieces and nephews, to his twin sister, and all the way to when he left Salem and the lies she told then and the $5 million dollar check situation that she took and messed up their relationship together, and a situation that would cause her be apart of and to help Lucas & Kate, in messing with and hurting his twin sister Sami and nephew Will. Something else she once again did to members of his family and to their relationship.

    So, its going to be great, deep, interesting, and exciting to see them have to tackle and argue about those things and to see her have to admit her wrongness to him in those situations, apologize to him for it, and make it up to him and really show and prove that she’s his woman and the love of his life that he knows she can be and wants. ERICOLE is going to be so good! There’s so many layers and so much that they have to discuss, hash out, argue about, get through, and make up for. It’s going to be so good, interesting, and exciting! LOVE ERICOLE!!!

    Thank you Michael for this ERICOLE interview! Greg Vaughn is sooo handsome!!! Yummy!!! Greg & Ari Z. have great chemistry together and Ari Z. has finally found her male counter-parts that are good with her and fit her and her character since Jensen Ackles (ex-Eric Brady) and Kyle Lowder (her real life husband who used to play Brady). She’s finally got good matches and the right fits for her again in the super handsome Greg Vaughn, Eric Martsolf, and Shawn Christian. And going head to head with people like Jennifer or Kristen, etc. Love dynamics that are beginning between Daniel/Nicole/Eric/Brady. And how Nicole is in-love with Eric yet is also hurt by what he thought she would do to him, loves Daniel and is back there with him, and cares about yet is mad at Brady, and is a pivotal point and part in reaching out to and helping to fix both Eric and Brady’s situations. Because eventually she’s not going to just leave them out there alone to spiral so far down when they’ve done so much to help her in her times of need and spiraling out of control. Eventually, Nicole will forgive them both and help save them. While she ultimately belongs with Eric Brady and having that life and family with him, its going to be fun and interesting to finally watch the new dynamic of Nicole and her guys Eric, Daniel, and Brady’s interest and love for her (or Brady’s dark spiral down and her having to pick him up and save him) and her trying to get through it and sort it all out and have fun with these guys. Lol!! LOVE ERICOLE!!! Can’t wait to see even more of them and what’s to come! It’s gonna be good!!! Loved Greg saying “It’s not about me forgiving her in this, its about her forgiving me”; and “She’s going to make me climb that mountain all the way to the top for it” LOL!!! This is gonna be good!!


  15. Jared says:

    Both of these individuals are such awesome actors. Greg has grown so much since his Y&R days, though I say Y&R missed an awesome opportunity because he and Heather Tom had amazing chemistry. I am loving him as Eric Brady, though, and he can break your heart with his expressions. That’s how good an actor he has become! Ari is such a beauty, and her Nicole has, before our eyes, has turned into the true heroine of this show.


  16. Rj says:

    Love Eric and Nicole! Always enjoy watching them. GV and AZ are both strong actors and so good looking. They should keep getting more air time, and be are a draw.


  17. Rj says:

    Oops, sorry for the typo – in the last post – it was mistakenly sent as I was editing it – should say – Eric and Nicole should keep getting more air time. They are a draw!


  18. Abbey says:

    I love Days Of Our Lives especially now that Eric and Nicole get a chance to be a super couple. Way to go DAYS.


  19. nancy says:

    50 shades of Nicole based on all of Nicole’s men that she went through like a queen of hearts


  20. nancy says:

    love greg Vaughn he can put my fire out anytime he can be my fireman anytime if you know what mean


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