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June 29th, 2013  |  Leave a comment ( 15 ) James Scott Interview – Days of our Lives – 40th Annual Daytime Emmys Red Carpet

Days of our Lives James Scott (EJ DiMera) chatted with Michael Fairman on the red carpet at the 40th Annual Daytime Emmys. James along with his girlfriend, Kaitlin, discussed the love life of EJ DiMera, the fact that James’ was featured in the “Hot Dads” clip package on the Emmy telecast, and that the DiMeras need a group therapy session, which could be a standalone episode of DAYS!

  1. Beacon says:

    His girlfriend is STUNNING!!!!!!!!


  2. Powerhouse says:

    Omigod, he has a girlfriend? Sigh! I’m better looking than her!!!


  3. juju says:

    What ? Another self-destructive circle ?! Seriously ? Again a story where Ej keep something from Sami and she left him when she discover it ?! NO NO and AGAIN NO. We are fed up with that Days TPTB, we did wait enough for them to finally be together..don’t ruin it once again ! Give them other type of stories and keep them together as an unite couple for pete’s sake.


  4. pspcindy says:

    Thanks Michael. I always love your chats with James. It was nice you included Kaitlin. She is gorgeous and they seemed quite happy on Emmy night.

    BTW, Congrats to DOOL for the Best Show Emmy.


  5. Sophie says:

    Thank you for the interview :-) . I look forward to seeing more of E.J., Sami and EJami.


  6. Rox says:

    Great interview as always Michael – as usual you are a cut above! Nice that you included his girlfriend. Have to agree with her on the ‘sexy’ verdict – Lord Almighty James Scott is sex on a STICK! Him in a tux is almost more than the ol ticker can bear! lol What a great night for DOOL fans in general, winning best show – I was on a high for days (no pun intended)! :-)


  7. Lisa Greenway says:

    Great Interview as always Michael!I LOVE EJ and have since day one,and I ADORE and LOVE and Adore EJAMI!!Thanks!


  8. Michelle says:

    Loved the interview, Michael! James Scott is my favorite actor and I love seeing any articles or interviews with him. He is so handsome, charming, & TALENTED!


  9. Rocky Reed says:

    James Scott will someday get an Oscar for best actor in the movie industry. You can take that to the bank! He has great talent and is so well rounded. Love to watch Allison and him together they bring out an A+ performance for their fans every time they have scenes together. Wonder who will be the lucky producer?


  10. Annie says:

    Thanks Michael., love your interviews and especially enjoy anything with James. He is a very handsome talebted charming man . His girlfriend is really pretty too. Nice looking couple.


  11. Susan says:

    I’ve had it with the Jennifer and JJ thing. How much dumber can Jennifer get ? AND—Days has WAY over-stepped thier boundries having a priest ssleep with Kristen. Very poor taste. They could have come up with some other kind of reveng. AND—Kristen asking God what the hell are you looking at ? Once again, discraceful, and again, over-stepped their boundries.
    Wondering if I even want to bother watching anymore.
    Wake-up writters and get it done right !!!


  12. Karen says:

    Loved the interview with James Scott. EJ and Sami are my favorites on Days. I was disappointed to hear about the self destructive circle that may be repeated with EJAMI. Please don’t destroy EJAMI. The writers have done such a fantastic job bringing them together. Don’t disappoint us. Love and adore you EJ.


  13. Fabian says:

    Seriously people, learn to spell correctly!!! As far as I’m concerned, James Scott ought to take the Emmy this year. As far as Emmys go, it seems to me that the entire process reeks of politics. The September 18th (2013) episode was one of the best performances by James that I have ever seen. The imploring was so atypical of EJ that it made it that much more believable . He genuflected before his father in despair and complete , unabashed sincerity, so unlike the EJ with which we are accustomed. Kudos to you, James. This scene exemplifies true love for the mother of his children…his tears were my tears. Never could I have imagined that I, who detested EJ for so long, would be brought to tears by him. This scene, in my opinion, also brought forth Stefano’s innate love for his son albeit he grudgingly agrees to call off the dogs. Stefano is first and foremost a father…an Italian father at that….I am Italian -born and I get it…..therefore, he felt hurt and betrayed by his son. He needed to prove the point that no child embarks on such a feat against his father and come away unscathed. Good job, Joseph…BRAVO…sei veramente un attore esemplare….buona fortuna. And, good luck to you also, James.


    Fabian replied

    It is Fabia not Fabian…thanks


  14. betty thurman says:

    Love E. J, & Sammie , do not like his new girl friend.
    Love Meyghan best.


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