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November 15th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 10 ) James Scott & Renee Jones Interview – A Day of DAYS 2010

Days of our Lives, James Scott (EJ Dimera) and Renee Jones (Lexie Carver) chat with Michael Fairman at the recent A Day of DAYS 45th Anniversary event. During the interview, James is presented with two medals from the fan voting polls conducted at On-Air On-Soaps for the show’s 45th anniversary.  James won in the categories of Favorite Baddie, and Best Overall Performance by an Actor, which he is thrilled and speechless about.  Also, Renee and James talk about bad hair days on the set of Salem, what’s next for Ejami, and what is the sexual chemistry going on between on-screen siblings, Lexie and EJ!

  1. sara says:

    Oh James we love youuuuuuuuuuu


  2. semaj says:

    love ej and lexie brother and sister duo


    Hilda replied

    I love James so very much, and he & Renee are so cute together haha. Love EJ & Lexis as bro & sis…very cute.

    Also LOVE EJ & Sami…I wish the show would let them have a real healthy fun relationship for a while instead of them always being at each other’s throats or with other people.


  3. Michael Jenkins says:

    James is my favorite actor, love renee too.


  4. Brenda says:

    I am hoping for EJ and “Classic” Sami to find their way back to one another. I still think this might turn out to be either EJ’s or Sami’s dream. So many bad and unbelieveable things are going on with The Bradys, so perhaps this is Sami’s nightmare. I love the passion and chemistry between James Scott and Alison Sweeney whether it is in a hostile or a romantic scene. They just know how to bring it…a dynamic duo and my choice for the super couple of DOOL. I also love Renee Jones as Lexie..she is the good side of the DiMeras. I enjoy how EJ looks up to her, especially during the scene when Lexie had discovered EJ was the Sydnapper. He was apologetic for disappointing Lexie, and EJ said he hoped in time she’d understand why he did it…Lexie knows her brother really loves Samantha, because he has always confided in her about how he can’t tear himself away from Sami, and Sami always ends up breaking his heart. Sami is EJ’s Achilles’ heel. The DiMeras are the #1 Family in Salem…Welcome Chad!!


  5. MICHELLE says:

    I love the bother and sister pairing with James Scott and Renee Jones and they are both beautiful people.I agree with James Scott EJAMI do need a break from eachother at this time but their story should never end I do hope that the writers eventually put EJ and Sami back together as a real couple,they belong together.The jokes about Renees hair were funny LOL but so true.Good to see James get a medal for best actor because he is,best actor.As far as best baddie,well deep down EJ is not really a bad boy.Thats why EJ is a much loved character he is a sweetie deep down [now]mostly just bad when hes hurt or betrayed.


  6. NANCY says:

    how does renee shower or bathe herself since she doesn’t like water on her hair


  7. NANCY says:

    i love that james scott and ej i wish i was in the mix of all that having rafe and ej fighting over me too


  8. NANCY says:

    renee jones i have a hair tip for you drying shampoo and drying conditioner in a spray can you spray it into your hair and brush it into your hair their is no water involved at all


  9. darren says:

    it would be so very awsome as like i’m obbessed with the show to ever get to act on days would be my dream. as liveing over here in canada, i look forward on watching days every day its my obsession great actors you all are


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