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November 14th, 2013  |  Leave a comment ( 10 ) Kate Mansi and Shawn Christian Interview – Days of DAYS 2013

Days of our Lives Kate Mansi (Abigail) and Shawn Christian (Daniel) chat with Michael Fairman at Day of DAYS 2013! Kate explains how Abigail is handling losing two men in her life at once … Chad and Cameron! Plus, she reveals that Abigail is being launched into a new story that she is excited about. Shawn discusses the state of “Dannifer” and teases what could be ahead between Nicole (Ari Zucker) and Daniel! And “Pecan Balls” are a recurring topic throughout, after a long day of interviews for this threesome!

  1. Judith says:

    I am not really fan of the Daniel character (the real problem with this character is that he is too much propped is OTT, almost even worse than with the Rafe character these last few years) but Shawn Christian is really a beautiful man and really charming in this interview i would add. Dool’s writers just screwed his character Daniel up with BAD writing imo..and now he takes a lot of flack from some fans.. Dool’s fault !!


    AliciaE replied

    And the other characters continue to exaggerate his “goodness”, but at the same time, I’ve found his sacrifice for JJ and his rescue of Theresa (totally normal – no MacGyver tricks) to be redemptive for his character. Also, he’s shown nothing but friendship toward Nicole this time round… Hasn’t offered his platter of pecan balls as yet. (Insert Hope’s raised eyebrow here).


  2. Michelle says:

    Hopefully Abby and EJ


    Pauline replied

    No ! Yuk.. Abby can go find HER OWN guy, she doesn’t need to go sniffing around OTHER WOMEN’s guys. Moreover Ej is not interested at all, he already has the love of his life and is pretty busy with her. Thank you very much.


    Anna replied

    “Hopefully Abby and EJ”

    Oh, please.

    100% agree with Pauline.


    Bobby replied

    Ha. You sound like a genius now calling this pairing. Love it. Great call


  3. heidi says:

    Thanks Michael… you are the master!!! All of these are very fun and thanks to Kate and Shawn!!!


  4. Chaz says:

    Dannifer = GAG…boring, boring boring. Make it stop…


    bella figura replied

    totally agree…chemistry is a funny thing but fans know when a pairing is not working. And at this juncture, the filming four months ahead is no longer an excuse as to why Dannifer continues. There is something very wrong if fans, media and even the actors themselves can’t support a soap pairing and yet it goes on and on and on. It is not only boring but terribly destructive to the main romantic characters and any other character(s) that gets dragged into the Dannifer storyline sphere.


  5. Stacy says:

    Oooo…interesting! Can’t wait to see what’s going on with DANOLE!!! and to see where things go for them and to see what’s going on with ERICOLE as well and how Eric/Nicole/Daniel gets all mixed in there. This is gonna be good! Much, much better than that Dannifer boring and contrived mess. They should just bring Frankie Brady back for Jennifer. That would be much better, actual history, and a actual better mate, match, and believable for Jennifer than her and Daniel. Just don’t get that at all and not interested in it. But whatever. Excited about DANOLE and ERICOLE. Things are going to get interesting between quick friends Daniel and Eric who have eyes for the same woman Nicole and who she has eyes for both of them. Gonna be interesting and good and much better and more exciting than mix-matched and just wtf, huh??…Dannifer.


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