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November 24th, 2014  |  Leave a comment ( 5 ) Lauren Koslow and James Read Interview – Day of DAYS 2014

Days of our Lives stars Lauren Koslow (Kate) and James Read (Clyde) chat with Michael Fairman at Day of DAYS 2014! James talks about Clyde’s part in the murder of EJ DiMera (James Scott), and how he has been seemingly manipulating his on-screen children, Jordan and Ben. Meanwhile, Lauren weighs-in on if how Kate will view Clyde if the truth comes to light of his involvement with EJ’s “death”, and if Clyde is a true long term viable love interest for her. Plus, Michael and Lauren discuss her final scenes with Alison Sweeney, since Kate and Sami’s longstanding volatile relationship was a cornerstone at DAYS. But as Lauren reveals, there is a big catfight coming up with someone else!

  1. Margie says:

    James Read is fantastic in this role. I always have loved him for decades as a leading man, but he is so good as the sexy bad man.


  2. Viv says:

    It’s weird so see Kate and Clyde smiling so much. They are so nice irl.


  3. Patrick says:

    James Reed : theres something about his manner…

    his play, tease, touch, feel…. he likes to get close

    be it fatherly, romantically, and gun for hire , his business

    as i’ve posted… if this gets us MORE Kate…. go their with

    Lauren Koslow : when I saw this pic… the first thing that came to mind. “I’m every woman” it’s all in me…. anything you want done baby…. make it naturally…

    Kate is the phenom women aspire

    LOL.. which is really my ideal if role reversal were

    what a role of a lifetime… keep on


  4. melinda mahoney says:

    love james read so sad to see him leave


  5. karen hartley says:

    Kate,You are still the best on DOL, Met you in 5/11 in Plano. Last scenes with Sami Awesome, can’t wait to see new catfit!


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