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November 15th, 2011  |  Leave a comment ( 5 ) Melissa Reeves and Peter Reckell Interview – A Day of DAYS 2011

Days of our Lives Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and Peter Reckell (Bo) chatted with Michael Fairman at A Days of DAYS 2011. Melissa lets Michael know which man in Jennifer’s life she would like her alter-ego to end up with … Daniel or Jack. Then, Peter previews Hope and Bo’s story as they finally deal with the loss of their son Zack, and discover more of Alice’s secrets!

  1. Anita says:

    I am sorry but I want Jack to move away from Jennifer the bitch she deserves to be alone or with that loser Daniel I cannot stand her anymore. I want see Jack with Nicole or Billie and tell Jennifer he is out of this triangle and for her stay with Daniel if that is what she wants because fed up with Jennifer attitude towards Jack. I am tired of Bo and Hope treating Jennifer like innocent child when she is not. I hope both men dump her sorry ass. Jennifer maybe Horton but she is not popular in my book. Jack is way more popular and supercouple. Let Jennifer have her perfect life with Daniel and suffer.


  2. A says:

    I will always want it to be Jack and Jennifer in the end, because their love story was so beautiful and I still love them together, but after all of Jennifer’s nonsense “love” with that other shallow loser, I want her to have to GROVEL to get Jack back. He’s never loved anyone but her, yet he’s always having to prove that he deserves her. It’s time for her to work for Jack. I hate the stupid triangle. It’s destroying Jennifer. She hasn’t been the character I have long loved for quite some time. Jack and Jennifer have plenty of drama between them without the triangle trivializing it.


  3. Anita Srinivasan says:

    I am tired of Jack being treated like outsider and Bo and Hope need stop praising that loser Daniel who slept with Chelsea and he is capable of hurting Jennifer more than Jack is. I think that Bo and Hope should not be mad at Jack at all he is not one who ran out the family or anything the man has been through hell. They need stop treating Jennifer like fragail doll she is pathetic and dumb and I hope she feels like real dumb ass when she realize that Jack is honest and decent person and he has change. Jennifer is one needs to be redeem. I think Jack has every right to be mad at her for betraying him and having sex with that loser Daniel while he was struggling. I hope Jack does not forgive her this time she is one who needs to grovel this time and dumb Daniel. I say do not reunite Jack and Jennifer just yet let her suffer the conquences with Daniel. Let Jack be able to be with someone else for awhile maybe permenant if works out. Jack did not make Jennifer do anything she did herself. I think Jack deserves better he has been faithful one in the relationship he is more popular than two. Jennifer disgusts me.


  4. Anita says:

    I do not want see Jack to grovel to her anymore I hope once he is in therapy that he will get his life back and get new love too and if Jennifer have rebound relationship turn into love. I think Jack needs to throw curveball for Jennifer because I am sick tired of her games and she is acting very immature that Jack deserves better. Jennifer deserves Daniel both pathetic losers in my book. I want Jack free from her until she gets brain realize she wants Jack back but she has to grovel to him. I was wondering if Jack and Nicole are going hook up or Jack and Billie anyone but Jennifer let her have the perfect life with Dr loser and suffer. I want Jack happy with someone for change he will never be happy with Jennifer if she keeps bitching at him. Jack is more popular than her.


  5. CarboFan says:

    First it was fire… then it was syringe THEN it was stabbing. LOL too many to remember but BOPE suck so its easy to know they are not meant to be :)


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