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November 16th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 2 ) Melissa Reeves & Ty Treadway Interview – A Day of DAYS 2010

Days of our Lives, Melissa Reeves (Jennifer) and Ty Treadway (Ben) chat with Michael Fairman at A Day of DAYS 45th Anniversary event. During the interview Melissa reveals her excitement and returning to the Salem fold and a possible preview of a budding romance with Dr. Ben Walters.   However, the question is raised, what about the beloved couple Jack and Jennifer in all of this?  Then, Treadway reveals that his character was at one time named Jason, then he was renamed Ben!

  1. Anita says:

    Why can’t Jennifer have relationship with man without having sex with them. She did not even bother to even investigate Jack or his whereabouts either. I mean Jennifer very shallow character and throwing men in jack’s face that is immature in her part. I really do not know why Jack bother with her or wants her either she is freak and slut too. I used to like Jennifer in the past but now she is turned into teenager in her 40s She says she is angry at Jack for betraying her and not telling her anything but Jennifer also has some blame in their marriage as well she maybe Horton but does not give right to talk about betrayal when she is real slut in this marriage and after three dates she slept with Daniel. I hope Jack does not bother win her back if she wants let her win him back this time. Jennifer screw ball.


  2. Anita says:

    I want Jack/matthew to work other characters on the show. I feel his character is being wasted on that bitch Jennifer and his daughter and Dr Sleaze. Jack deserves better at least he admits his mistakes I am tired of Jennifer and bitchy attitude and she needs stop stringing men along if she wants that loser Daniel let her have him and let Jack go on with his life I do not want him to keep apologizing to that Horton slut she is not worth it. I say Jack and Billie or Jack and Nicole.


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