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November 15th, 2010  |  Leave a comment ( 17 ) Peter Reckell & Crystal Chappell Interview – A Day of DAYS 2010

Days of our Lives, Peter Reckell (Bo) and Crystal Chappell (Carly) chat with Michael Fairman at A Day of DAYS 2010 Anniversary event. During the interview, Peter and Crystal are presented with On-Air On-Soaps Gold Medals from the DAYS 45 Voting Polls. Peter for his wins as Favorite Hero, and Favorite Duo (with Crystal), & Crystal for her wins for Favorite Flawed Heroine, Beloved Salem Favorite, Favorite Doctor, Best Overall Performance by an Actress, and Favorite Duo. Later, the duo talk about the future of Bo and Carly.

  1. Sue says:

    So funny when Crystal kept getting medals! Went a bit overboard. lol
    Fun interview.


  2. Phyl says:

    Besides being a badass actress, the reason why I heart CC so much is because she’s so silly! I just wish that she was on a soap that I can bear watching……..


  3. Sarah says:

    Best interview EVAH! Love Peter and Cyrstal – so freaking adorable, gorgeous, sexy, talented, lovable, and REAL! They keep it real and that is so wonderful to watch. Thank you Michael!

    Now we just need TPTB to give these two more screen time together and a story focused on THEM! Pleeeeez!!


  4. J says:

    This has to be the best interview I have ever seen through out the whole Day of Days events. I loved how Peter answered the “best doctor” question and how Crystal fell over from all the medals. Too funny! And aww on how she seemed so embarrassed but humble on her winning so many medals. They both deserve it! I only watch Days for Bo and Carly. They are the best couple ever!


  5. GG says:

    Does not get better than these two! They deserve so much better than Days is giving them. Go CarBo!


  6. semaj says:

    i love bope i want a bope reunion


  7. Faith L says:

    Well, I love Carbo and I want a Carbo wedding. These two have an incredible friendship and undeniable chemistry. I want bope to go away and Carbo to stay. Bo and Carly are better suited for each other and it shows.


  8. kitkat says:


    Michael Fairman is a huge fan of CC’s and thus quite prejudiced re anything Carly. Sorry, but I FF her scenes…don’t think she is all that! I am and always have been a Bope fan.


    olddoolfan replied

    Really? Michael’s interviews across the board were charming.

    You are entitled to be a Bope fan but the results of these polls where what they were and at no point did Michael pass comment on Bo and Carly.

    He just said there was lots of nice feedback for Peter and Crystal through the process. I think both are entitled to hear that.


  9. Michael Jenkins says:

    Love Peter and Crystal!

    thanks for posting.


  10. Jessica says:

    I love Crystal and Peter, not CarBo though. I want her to be with Daniel. Go CarDan!


  11. olddoolfan says:

    This will never get old Michael. Thanks again for the last question. Perfect. Loved their answer.

    I just shake my head thinking how much this show has missed out on by hiding these two for the last 12 months. Why they did not let Peter and Crystal out to market this show during their Sl is beyond comprehension. All we have heard about is Hope and from is Kristian Alfonso since March. Days you have a hidden gem in your midst. Time to stop hiding them away. Embrace Bo and Carly and roll with the wonderful dynamic between these two fine actors.

    I also really enjoyed hearing them both talk with such fondness and insight about the genre itself. No superficial space cadets on show in this interview.


  12. Sthur says:

    Loved this interview.. reminded me of the ol’ ‘outtakes vid’ from way back in early 2009. So fun to watch! Thanx M,!


  13. Doe says:

    Peter and Chrystal are two wonderful actors and their longevity speaks words. I liked that they had fun winning the medals and I also thought it was very clever of you, Michael. It’s always fun to see actors out of their element and having fun. I did ,too, throughout the interview. Thanks, Michael.


  14. Otalia69 says:

    thanks Michael….you always have the best interviews! i loved voting for Peter & Crystal in the Gold Medal categories…it’s all about the ‘bootie, right? i’m sure we’ll get glimpses of CarBo on & off in the coming years…☮♡☺xo♥♀♀ツ


  15. Mary says:

    Ahhh man this was the coolest interview ever!! Crystal and Peter rock!!! They are just great actors! Thanks Michael


  16. darren says:

    you guys are awsome actors, however bo you should reunite with hope :) permanantly fit it in the script somehow haha great job with both your acting i look forward on watching days everyday till the weekand comes


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